The Blood Tablets of Christ

The Blood Tablets of Christ

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The power of this piece lies in the fact that it is all agate. Agate is quick to absorb energies from other artifacts, people, places, etc. This is why the powers in this piece are so present and ready to go. If I'm being honest, I'm not sure how long the powers have been in this piece. This is not a piece that we went on investigation ourselves to get. This is a piece that we got at one of those underground auctions that we are always telling you about.  


The energies in this stone come from a sacred tablet that was rediscovered in the continued excavation of the Church of the Twelve Apostles. This tablet is written in ink that contains the blood of Christ. Upon the tablet are the written bloodlines of the 12 Apostles, their magic, and what they have to offer the world. This, of course, is the magic that was given to them before Christ ascended into Heaven.  


The tablet is q historical account of what gifts each of the 12 disciples received. It is done so with the blood of Christ. Thus, not only do the markings tell the story of the benedictions that were poured out upon the Apostles prior to the Holy Ascent, they also grant the gifts of those benedictions. On top of that, they grant the magic and the knowledge of the Christ Consciousness.  


Those are the energies that were placed into this stone. When using this stone you will receive the magic that was written on that tablet. You will receive the white light magic that was given to the Apostles. Healing, divine communion, being able to access places in Heaven such as the throne room and the Holy of Holies, being able to summon and control angels, and being able to speak things into existence with divine creationary power are just some of what you will receive with this piece.  


Then, there are the powers of the Christ Consciousness that will allow you to see the universe from a different perspective. It will allow you to become one with the Consciousness of Christ, which is also the God Consciousness because they are one and the same. You will be able to see the universe through divine eyes. You will receive divine magic and the ability to use the white light power of God for the creation of white light magic and abilities.  


You will be shown the universe and all that God sees. You will know what he knows and you will be able to analyze that knowledge. You will be able to use that knowledge to unlock secret and hidden information. This information includes things like the 72 Names of God, the magic of the Holy Grail, and the magic of the Ark of Covenant.  


You will also be given divine knowledge that will allow you to read through the Bible from a metaphysical standpoint, picking up on the magic and the hidden messages of magic that were written into the text of the Bible. They are mostly spells, incantations, and things like that. But again, they are powerful and will produce a variety and multitude of magical outcomes for you.  


This is a very powerful piece that has come from a very powerful relic. I'm not going to say it's one-of-of-kind because there are others around like this piece, that can do what this piece does, but this piece is the most forward and direct one that I have ever encountered. It comes hard with the magic.