The Calling of the Conjurer
The Calling of the Conjurer

The Calling of the Conjurer

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The Calling of the Conjurer. 9/2/21

This sterling silver bell is seriously impressive. This is part of the magic of Vodou. The spelling you see is correct and I was corrected by the African priest who placed it with me.  This bell brings about the true form of Necromancy.  
The bell is sterling to protect you and the ball inside of it is the correct size to bring about the proper tone for calling.
The correct term is African Priest. The African Priest practices Vodou. This bell is used to conjure anyone or anything. No matter who or what you call you are protected in every way. You become the immediate master of who you ring up. A lot of people would refer to this as slavery being done to the spirit but that’s not the case. The African Priest takes care with the spirits to ring them back when done. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but they get 8 hours in the 8th dimension. We are not aware of the 8 hours but they are and they love it. In that dimension they are physical again and free to do as they wish. There’s a lot of that to get into so I won’t do that now. Instead I’m going to tell you how to use this and what it can do.
First your bell should be kept in a velvet bag in honor.  There will never be a need to charge it, ever. While you do have immediate mastery of the spirits you call you do need to be respectful and treat them as you want to be treated. Basically, speak to them nicely. I’m going to give you an example only because 99 percent of my customers are great people but one percent are assholes. Can you guys figure out who’s typing these up today? Yeah, it’s me Dee Dee. A great example is once the spirit is there you speak to them like this. Hello ( insert name) I would like your help in doing away with my nasty boss. Just have them find another job.  Or there is the one percent who will address them like this. Hey, I bought you, now you better do what I want. That will be a no go! 
To call up the spirits say their name and ring the bell eight times for a white light spirit. Say their name and ring the bell six times for a dark spirit. You may also create your own types of spirits.
To send your spirits back and give them the eight hours ring your bell two times.
This is the only one we have. This works for people with no experience and can be used by the advanced to the new.