The Carriers of the Ark
The Carriers of the Ark
The Carriers of the Ark
The Carriers of the Ark

The Carriers of the Ark

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The best way to start this one would be to ask, "What is the Ark of the Covenant?" Let me just clarify from here on out, I will be referring to the Ark as the AOC and it has nothing to do with the politician from New York. We talk an awful lot about the AOC and the powers that it holds, but we don't really talk about what it is all too often.

The AOC is a special box. The instructions for building the Ark were handed down to man from God. It was built to a specific design, in which the tablets that were given to Moses were housed. It was the physical sign of the covenant that was struck between God and man. The Israelites were to remain God's chosen people as long as they followed the covenant that was given to them.

Having said all that, there were secrets about the Ark that were inherently built into them. When thinking of the AOC you can think of it as a type of secret technology that was revealed to the people by God. It was a conduit that included magic and energy that was great, so powerful, that even touching the AOC or peering in upon its content was great enough to kill you.

Why was it so powerful? Because the AOC was a conduit for God's own presence. Not just the presence that you experience during prayer and worship, rather the presence in the AOC was-- and still is-- his actual presence. Yes, there have been other relics placed into the Ark over time, but the raw power of the Ark is that it was a place on Earth where God could live in his energetic presence. This presence was released to the Earth, when needed, through the Cherubim that guarded his presence that was built onto the Ark.

The AOC was an instrument of complete and utter power. This is clearly displayed by the fact that it parted the Jordan River for the Israelites to walk through-- a feat that had not been produced since the Red Sea was parted by a similarly powerful artifact, Moses' Rod. It was also demonstrated when it completely collapsed the city walls of Jericho. Jerico was renowned as a fortress city of strength and fortitude. The Ark brought the city to its knees without one Israelite even needing to touch it.

The simple answer is that the Ark holds the living presence of God. Looking upon the Ark holds similar repercussions to looking upon the Face of God. Should someone see God's face, they would be instantly destroyed. So were the consequences of looking upon the AOC, or even touching. There was one group of men who were able to carry the ark who were responsible for its displacement. They are the Levites, who made up the priestly class in ancient Jewish and Christian doctrine. Even those who carried the Ark were not allowed to touch it. As documented in the Bible, one such Levite made this fatal mistake solely for the purpose of steady the Ark while moving it. He was immediately smitten by the Hand of God.

It's not that God wanted to create this terrible weapon that was so powerful it had the ability to kill. Rather, humanity does not have the wherewithal or spiritual standing to be able to tolerate the presence of the lord. His presence is too great for our existence and causes death. It's as simple as that. The only way that a human would be able to tolerate the presence of the Lord would be through the baptism of Holy Fire, similarly to the way that you can only see the Face of God if you are baptized by water. Baptism by Holy Fire is a rare and sacred gift. It is not given out readily.

Still, some have been given this Baptism of Holy Fire. They are descended from the tribe of Levi, the priestly class that I told you about just a moment ago. There are only a few of them that have received this gift and they received this gift via a ring that was cast specifically for the purpose of receiving it. These were the entrusted High Priests that were able to take the Ark of the Covenant to its final resting place beneath the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. The palace was built atop the Ark of the Covenant, hiding the full presence of God from humankind. It was hidden not to hide God's presence or because Solomon was greedy with the power of God, but because it was well known and documented what the Ark of the Covenant could achieve. What they didn't want was a group of rogue Israelites or other members of society figuring out how to access the AOC, releasing literally Hell on Earth.

But how is that possible? Because the Ark of the Covenant is the presence of all possibility. This is because God has created all things in our reality. He created the Earth. He created the sea. He has created destiny. He has created time. Literally, anything that you can experience God has created. This is why this piece is so powerful because when harnessing its magic you can literally achieve, create, manipulate, design, destroy, amend, or displace anything that you want. Anything can be done with the power of the Ark of the Covenant. That is because when you control the Ark you gain the full energy and presence of God.

This was true for a group of Levites that were given a special ring. This ring transformed their bodies, gave them the baptism of Holy Fire, and cloaked them from being destroyed by the presence of God. They were called the Carriers and they are the ones that carried the Ark, as I've told you already, to its final resting place beneath the Temple. There it shall remain until called upon until the End Days when it is called upon by Angelic forces. In those days the Carriers, who have received immortality from their rings, will retrieve the Ark and present it to whoever God has chosen.

In the meantime, what we have is one of the Carriers' Rings. We are not sure how the person that we acquired it from got it, but we have tested it and it is the real deal. The powers that this piece will bring you are out of this world! First and foremost, it will allow you to speak to the Cherubim who sit atop the Ark of the covenant. These angels are extremely powerful and they are able to show you the future. They will show you the future of the world from a religious standpoint. They will show you all that is yet to come, the plans that God has made for the universe, and what the New Civilization will look like.

This pair of angels can speak miracles into existence. They will tell you and show you the magic that has been hidden and coded into the Bible and other sacred texts. This is the white light magic of God. The Ring itself will grant you immortality, as it has granted for the Carriers. You will be received and admitted into the society of Carriers. Thus, you will be given secret messages about the End Times that will be fed to your mind directly by the mind of God. I'm not just talking about the kind of stuff that everyone knows. These secrets are ones that have not yet been seen before. I can't share the ones we have seen using this piece for obvious reasons. When you use this ring, though, you will be receiving these secrets just as we have.

Moreover, this piece will give you the ability to control the presence of God. Say what? Yes, you read that right. Normally the presence of God is what controls existence and all that we experience. However, this ring allows you to control the presence of God, as it is found in the Ark of the Covenant. This is a necessary ability for the Carriers and an integral part of their Enlightenment. In order to experience the Ark without dying, you must be able to control the power within. As you already know the Ark is a conduit for the presence of God on Earth. Thus, those who own these rings control the Ark and thereby control the presence of God that is found within.

You can use this power for literally anything that you want. You can use it to control time. You can use it to create magic or powers or abilities. You can use it to create. You can use it to achieve Ascension into Heaven. You can use it to summon angels and absorb their powers. You can use this piece to live in unison with the Cosmos. This piece will allow you to live inside of the Divine Consciousness where simple existing means the presence of divine knowledge. All things will be revealed to you and you will exist in Divine Knowledge.

This is a true awakening of Divinity and Divine Presence. It allows God to live within you but allows you to live within God. It's a cohesive dual existence where the two of you will coexist as one entity. You will be given the ability to control his presence. With that comes great power-- the power of anything you can think of, in fact. This is the same power that God, Creator of all things holds. You will not likely have the ability to get a piece quite this powerful again.

The ring itself is unmarked sterling. We don't think this is one of the originals, but it is definitely old. There have been new additions to the Carriers over the years, which is why this piece would have been made. It is so old that it is not marked for sterling, which means this piece is definitely an antique. The piece is gorgeous to look at. It is symbolic and very ornate you will notice on one side is the temple. On the other side of the ring is the box that represents the AOC. In the center are the symbol of eternity and the symbol of man, foretelling that this piece grants a merging of man with God, as I have laid out for you above. This piece is pure power and will do marvelous things for the person who gets it.