The Compass of Heaven
The Compass of Heaven
The Compass of Heaven
The Compass of Heaven
The Compass of Heaven

The Compass of Heaven

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It seems like every time we turn around we learn something different about something that we thought we knew everything about.  That’s why we continue doing what we do.  As long as we live we will be discovering the secrets of the universe.  This time the secret comes from the Arc of the Covenant, but it’s not your typical ark of the covenant piece.  The item was confiscated from the Ark of the Covenant and if we are being completely honest we have no idea where the original might be.  What we have instead is something that has been created with the powers and magic of an artifact that is called the Compass of God.  

In order to understand exactly what the Compass of God is, you have understood the history of the Ark of the Covenant.  Moses built the Ark of the Covenant out of Acacia Wood after God instructed him to.  This Ark was to be used for the original set of stone tablets that God presented to Moses after being with God for 40 days and 40 nights.  However, before he returned God told him to nevermind that while Moses was away receiving the tablets the Israelites had created for themselves a graven image.  This image was in the form of  Cow and they had begun worshipping it.  Moses pleaded with God to let him deal with it, so God gave him one more chance.  

Moses descended the mountain and seeing the sinfulness of his people smashed the tablets that God had given him, thus breaking the covenant between God and His people.  He then destroyed the golden calf and rebuke the Israelites.  Once again he ascended into the mountains to receive a covenant from God.  This is where things get a bit misconstrued.  The fact of the matter is that the second time around the covenant that was given to the people was different.  These were teachings that they were to live by rather than the gift that God was going to bestow upon them the first time.  This first gift was much more powerful, so they would not have needed the second covenant in order to rectify themselves with God.  In his anger, God rescinded the gift and since the Israelites were acting like a bunch of little children what they got was a list of rules and regulations that allowed them to be rectified to God.  

The gift of the first two tablets was instead instilled upon Moses.  This knowledge was true God-knowledge.  I know that sounds a bit generic, but I’ll go over that in more detail in a few minutes.  This knowledge was handed down from Moses to the descendants of Levi.  They are an order of priests called the Levites.  In the Bible, it specifically states that the Levites do not qualify for any worldly or material inheritance because their inheritance was God.  Furthermore, it states in the bible that Yahweh was the Lord of Lords and the God of gods, thus admitting that there were other gods in the universe, but they were false gods and they were not nearly as powerful as He was given the fact that He created the universe.  

Having said that, the Lords and gods that were referred to in the Bible were not these other false gods such as the calf that the Israelites had begun worshipping while Moses was away.  Instead, he was referring to the Levites high priests who, unbeknownst to man, incarnate gods.  They carried God’s presence in the flesh and in the spirit.  This is why, under the law, they were able to oversee sacrificed and rituals.  They were able to absolve the people of their transgressions.  The knowledge that they received was inclusive of God’s infinite knowledge of the universe that he had created.  Again, this was unbeknownst to man and each Levite entered a covenant to preserve this secret, lest they should be burnt up in a flame immediately upon revealing it.  I am not a Levite, so I have no problem revealing the secret.  

This takes us back to the Ark of the Covenant and the new secret that we discovered.  Well, it was new to us anyway.  The secret of the Levites was hidden in a relic that was referred to as the Compass of Heaven.  I know that in the Bible the second commandment is, “though shall not make unto thee any graven image,” but this isn’t like that.  It is like the Staff of Aaron or the Shroud of Turin.  As the Ten Commandments were written by the Finger of God, so was the Compass of Heaven created by the Hand of God.  The intention was never to give the Compass of Heaven to the Levites at all because God created as one of His own relics.  However, the Israelites ruined all that with their sinful ways, so this relic was sent in place of the prior tablets that had been written.  It was secretly ordered to be housed in the Ark of the Covenant, which is one of the reasons why the Ark is fatal to human eyes.  

To this day there are members of the Levite bloodline that oversee the Compass of Heaven.  They call themselves the Levite Guard.  The original artifact has been taken from the Ark of the Covenant and is in their possession.  The original artifact is kept in a very, very hidden place.  The reason they took the compass out of the Ark of the Covenant is that too many people have been searching for it.  Few have succeeded to find the Ark physically, but even we have had pieces that allowed people to travel to the ark in spirit form.  The Levite Guard simply wanted to know, for certain, that the compass wasn’t going to be exposed.  That is partially because the compass was designed by God with the ability to self-destruct the universe.  In other words, God wanted to make sure he had an escape plan in poop ever hit the fan.  Perhaps that day is coming, perhaps it isn’t.  God makes the prophecy and he has to stick by what he has said so far, but there is not telling what he might have planned after that.  

The piece we have is one into which the powers of the Compass of Heaven have been replicated.  There are twelve of these pieces total, to represent the 12 Tribes of Israel.  Likewise, there are 12 members of the Levite Guard.  I’m not really sure why, but there are 13 of these pieces made.  Each of the 12 members of the Levite Guard own one and then there was a random one.  You’re right to assume that I’m not going to reveal my source for coming inot this piece.  The piece will not hurt you.  It can’t.  It’s not designed that way.  It also will not give you the ability to destroy the universe like the original compass can.  That’s way extreme.  What it will do is open up a connection between you and God.  This will allow you to exist, like the 12 members of the Levite Guard, as God-in-flesh.  This is God incarnate within you.  His presence will inside of you and the Compass of Heaven will be open up inside of your soul.  God’s name will be etched upon your heart with the Finger of God and your knowledge will be shaped by the Hand of God.  It will be “as above, so below,” and God himself will be manifested through you as he was by the deified Levites in the time of Moses.  

I want to go back to the statement, “the Compass of God will be open up inside of your soul.”  This literally means the mind of God will become your own mind.  They will merge into one.  You will suddenly know all of creation.  The cosmic map of the universe will be embedded in your mind and the compass will be your knowledge of the universe that will guide you to the things that you want and to the things that you never even knew existed.  Gods own identity will be released within you and you will know every aspect of creation in very intimate details.  You will be able to see the entirety of the universe, to know how to use the universe, to know how to manipulate the universe, and to know how to get what you want from the universe.   After all he created it.

I want to put this into perspective for you.  This includes the knowledge of all Seven Heavens, every angelic magic or power that ever been creative, the powers of the Crystal Pyramid, the knowledge and power of the Mansion, you get the authoriy of God, the knowledge of the Enochian language, the knowledge and control of the Cosmos, and the alchemy of the Christ bloodline.  This compass will guide you through the entirety of God’s existence to show you all of what he has create, the many races he has created, the many planets he has created, the many solar systems and lifeforms that he has created.  This is all-inclusive power and knowledge of God.  This is ful, unlimited power and knowledge that will lead you to whatever you want-- whatever power, knowledge, ability, magic, etc.  It will guide you through the unknown-- and human existence is literally just a speck of existence.  There is so much more to experience that the mind would literally explode without the proper guidance.  That’s why the Levites were gods on Earth, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to handle the knowledge.  

To use this piece you will simply meditate with it.  That Face of God will appear in your mind.  This is not the same as peering into God’s face, so will not die.  Instead, this is an exact replication of His face, which you will be able to look upon to see the actual true form of God.  It will definitely take more than one meditation session.  I can guarantee you that much.  However, the work is worth the reward.  This piece has monumental power and you will never find another piece like this.  It is a rarity that we are even offering this piece to you.  We just happened to be in the right place at the right time to be able to acquire it.  We will not get another one and we could not create a duplicate for our own collection.  This piece is what it is.  

  The piece that you are receiving has been crafted out of sterling silver and is incredibly unique.  It shows the picture of a ship's steering wheel because like the captains wheel would navigate the ocean, this piece will guide you through the mind and creations of God, as well as the rest of his creations.