The Dark Conjurer's Shadow Man
The Dark Conjurer's Shadow Man

The Dark Conjurer's Shadow Man

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We placed the winning bid for this item at the Underground Auction. Deedee laid eyes on it and from the point forward she refused to leave without him. This is because from the moment she laid eyes on him there was a connection between the two. She said that when she looked at the piece it was like the entity immediately lived inside of her mind. It sparked a presence of intelligence that she said that she has not experienced before.

I'm just going to jump right into this piece. It holds a familiar that was created for Queen Elizabeth I by none other than the "Dark Conjurer", John Dee. Yes, it's the same guy the discovered the Enochian language, but working with John Dee was kind of a two-edged sword. He doesn't really limit the kind of magic that he works with, so one day he could be working on something white light and the next day he'd be conjuring demons.

He is the one that created the original piece that held the specter, which he also created, that is in the piece that we have. The specter is not just a specter, but rather a familiar. The familiar was born with many types of magic for Queen Elizabeth I, by John Dee. He was somewhat of a "teacher's pet" to the queen. She was mystified with him, so created a lot of little "presents". This familiar was the most powerful of them all.

We call this familiar the Shadow Man, because, like John Dee, his existence is shrouded in mystery. He has been created with a little bit of everything and he prefers to live in the shadow until he is conjured to grant magic to the person who has sent for him. He was created with Kabbalah, Dark Magic, White magic, Hermetic Magic, Soul Alchemy, Spirit Alchemy, Celestial magic, Cosmic Magic, Arcane Magic, and many other types of magic.

The Shadow Man has been passed down from generation to generation, but until now has always remained in the Royal Family. The entity has the ability to travel in and out of any realm at all. For some in the Royal Family, he would travel to hell and bring back demons. I'm not promoting that type of magic, but I'm also not going to lie.

He has traveled into the pyramids. He has defied time and traveled back to the time of the Sumerians to gain their ancient knowledge of a race of people called the "Glowing Ones". That's a separate conversation, but they were powerful entities from other dimensions that lived among the Sumerians. He has traveled through dimensional rifts to find and create other types of magic that never even existed before he created them.

For Centuries he presided over the magical rituals of the Royals- blood rituals, death rituals, wealth rituals, evolution rituals, conjuration rituals, Illumination rituals, transcendence rituals, etc. I'm telling you, there is nothing that the Shadow Man cannot do for them. He has granted wishes, created immense wealth, he has even granted some of them immortality. Whether or not he will do the same for you has yet to be determined.

He can cast spells, hexes, curses, but he can also break the same. He can drive out unwanted forces while attracting forces that you definitely want. He can even cast Voodoo-type spells that have something to do with dark African magic that was used in creating the spirit.

While this is not the original piece that was created for the queen, this is the piece that the Shadow Man lives in now. He can be conjured when using it, but you must first create a connection to him and the piece. This is done through meditation for 14-21 days. The entity doesn't have a proper name and we simply refer to him as the shadow man when working with the piece.