The Dark Priest of Berchtesgaden Park-- A Multitude of Powerful Abilities
The Dark Priest of Berchtesgaden Park-- A Multitude of Powerful Abilities
The Dark Priest of Berchtesgaden Park-- A Multitude of Powerful Abilities
The Dark Priest of Berchtesgaden Park-- A Multitude of Powerful Abilities

The Dark Priest of Berchtesgaden Park-- A Multitude of Powerful Abilities

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The Dark Priest of Berchtesgaden Park.  Stanislaus Ulrich Muller, born in Germany in 1782. He grew up Lutheran by a lake just North/East of what’s now known as Berchtesgaden National park. He was raised like any other boy of his time but something about him was dark. He claimed to see other worlds and mystical creatures… He attempted to summon demons and other ilk. 
    He was nearly 34 when he first summoned a blood drinking vampire. He begged to become like him. The vampire took pity on him giving him his immortal blood. Stanislaus took to vampirism with a vengeance. He tore his abusive, barely breathing father limb from limb. He punished people for their bad behavior and started to grow a sort of following.
 A secret cult was soon formed. Stanislaus called his cult the ‘Zeit Verziehen Herren’. Roughly translated this means ‘ Time Warping Lords’. He became their dark priest. Soon after becoming an immortal he sought out all sorts of power but it kept slipping through his fingers. He struggled to hold on to it. It didn’t matter how much of their blood he drank, he couldn’t keep the powers he gained for long. He found a witch to make him something that could hold powers for him. 
Her name was Mihaela. He traveled all the way to Kitzbuhel, Austria to find her. She used her power to make him a locket. One that could hold all the powers he wanted. As with all dark priests the power she gave him was eventually used against her. Her own powers are trapped within its silvery shell. He returned with her powers to his cult ready and hungry for more. 
After his return he decided it would be too dangerous for them to stay so close to a town. He needed somewhere quiet to focus his powers, make sacrifices and control his following without any onlookers. So he moved them to what’s now known as Berchtesgaden National Park. They kept their secrets well. He had an entire harem of women at his call and this followers would often have great orgies. His people could be seen running through the woods high off of magic drinks he mixed for them. Stanislaus enjoyed watching his followers have sex with each other, he’d couple them off while he sat in the center feeding and with one or two females himself. He was dark inside, something not even his followers could see. Not even when he would beat them for misbehaving, or tie them up naked to punish and shame them. His followers were loyal, not a single one ever told their story to anyone outside of the circle. 
For years Stanislaus went on acquiring power and eventually he acquired the power he had been seeking since he was a teenager. The ability to travel between worlds, back and forth through time and into other dimensions. He could see these other worlds, and he wanted to collect from them as well. He was a collector of powerful things, wealth and vitality. The first world he traveled to was magical in any sense of the word. He brought back hallucinogenic plants for his followers to grow, otherworldly creatures to be his companions and a few new powers to wield. He even acquired an immunity to sunlight. One of his travels made him very ill, when he recovered he was no longer sensitive to the sun. 
His cult was so well hidden nobody even knew they existed anymore. They grew in numbers over time, fathering several children with his human concubines, and more being invited in from all over multiple worlds. It was 1828 when one of his closest confidants turned on him. Stanislaus couldn’t tell you to this day what made his friend turn on him. It could have been jealousy, or anger about sharing his wife. After over 20 years who knows what could have triggered it. His name was Adalbert. Adalbert stole his locket in a hallucinogenic state and used it to trap his very soul. 
The dark priest, Stanislaus was trapped forever in his own magical locket. Adalbert told everyone the next morning to leave, to go wherever they pleased but to never speak of Stanislaus again. But when they awoke that morning the air had cleared. Some of them didn’t remember their lives, some didn’t even know where they were. Stanislaus had been controlling their minds and thoughts. They were all broken, and the ones who knew what had been happening were sworn to secrecy and the ones who were crazy enough to stay without his magic left saddened by his loss. Stanislaus was buried there in the woods after Adalbert had cut a piece of his hair for the locket. He wasn’t dead but his body no longer had a soul. 
Adalbert left him there and took his wife and children to make a new home. They destroyed the evidence of their dwellings and never looked back. His children, which he knew a great chance some of them were not his, took later to caring for the locket and passed it down never using it. We purchased this from a black market dealer. One of Adalbert’s descendents passed it off later deciding it was best to sell it for money that use it to gain wealth. Not with the history it carried for his family anyway.
This locket is sterling silver made in Austria. It was later stamped in Germany for Stanislaus or possibly one Adalbert's relatives. This locket not only contains some of Stanislaus hair, but also all the powers he acquired since having it made for him. We know of some of the powers but not all, many are to be discovered. We know you can travel through time, through worlds, dimensions and trap any powers you come across inside of it. A full witches abilities are trapped inside and his own vampiric powers of course. He also summoned a wealth dragon and trapped him inside as well. He also acquired some telepathic abilities as well. Abilities that allowed him to control the minds of his followers. This piece has many aspects and powers that are yet to be discovered. The time it would take to discover all of its powers would simply be too much even for us.