The Dead Pharaohs Club
The Dead Pharaohs Club
The Dead Pharaohs Club

The Dead Pharaohs Club

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The piece you are receiving is a highly magical and extremely powerful ring.  On the ring is the symbol of the All-seeing eye, which has become a unified symbol of the Egyptian pyramids, but also has been adopted by the Dead Pharaohs Club.  This ring is incredibly powerful.  Read on to find out more!!



Most of the time when we tell you about secret societies they are either ancient societies, societies that have ridiculous amounts of money, or societies that have been given secret identities.  The society that we are about to tell you about isn’t like any of those.  This society is one that is comprised of ex-academics.  I am always giving academia flack for not getting it.  For instance, they discover ancient Egyptian tombs, they see the inscriptions, they find the artifacts, but they just don’t experience the magic.  It’s because they are too busy trying to use science to explain things.  Well, this society is a breath of fresh air, because they have left the rank-and-file of Academia to realize that there is more to the story than what it has been chalked up to be.  

The society calls itself the Dead Pharaohs Club.  They are not ancient immortals.  They are not filthy rich.  Well, some of them have become rich but they weren’t when they first started.  In fact, most of them are just “scientists” that went searching for answers.  They found those answers through studying the Egyptian Book of the Dead.  Through a thorough analysis of the Book of the Dead and the magic that is contained within, the Dead Pharaohs Club was led to a magically scribed tablet called the Record of All Pharaohs.  It is a tablet that has one simple line of Egyptian Cuneiform.  This single line is an ancient Necromantic Spell that can raise any of the dead pharaohs from their graves, hence the name the Dead Pharaoh’s Club.  

Here’s the thing.  Each of the Pharaohs that have served on Earth were themselves a manifestation of the divine.  It is not a hidden fact that the ancients believed that.  However, this piece proves that this is true.  How?  Well, each Pharaoh has been instilled with certain magical abilities and powers.  There were 170 total pharaohs that spanned some 3,000 years.  This is quite an expanse of magic and knowledge that can be accessed.  The best part is that each of the pharaohs was given a connection to the great pyramids and their wealth of knowledge and power that followed them to their death.  

The Dead Pharaohs Club has transformed its findings into a network of knowledge and magic that only they can access.  This network of magic includes thousands of forms of magic that have been revealed to the minds of the Pharaohs over the years.  With the power of Necromancy found in the Book of the Dead and the Tablet of All Pharaohs, the members have been able to reanimate the Pharaohs one by one by using their mortal bodies as hosts.  They then captured the essence of each of the pharaohs into a vessel.  This was done a total of 170 times to manifest a master key that holds all the knowledge and magic of the Pharaohs.  This piece was then duplicated.  

This is one of the duplicated pieces.  It has an Illuminati Eye on it, which is the symbol they’ve adopted for their club.  This piece will allow you to resurrect the magic and the essence of all 170 Egyptian Pharaohs and their powers.  It will also give you a connection to the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza.  Their magic and knowledge will also be resurrected into your body.  This is the entirety of their power and knowledge.  Just to recap-- this is the thousands of powers and abilities, as known by 170 Pharaohs and a connection to the pyramids that will allow their powers and magic to live inside of you.  We are talking about a seriously powerful affair!!

When you get this piece there will be a simple ritual for activation.  This ritual will be given only to the one who purchases the piece because we don’t want it falling into the wrong hands.