The Death of the Pesta
The Death of the Pesta
The Death of the Pesta

The Death of the Pesta

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We don't often delve into Nordic magic the way we should. Yeah, we offer the magic of the rune. Trust me, they're powerful. However, just like Christianity has angels, demons, the behemoth, archangels, and other creatures, the Norse have their own group of magical and powerful creatures. You might be wondering how both tales can be true? The simple answer is that both realities exist on different timelines. These timelines make up existence and we can visit these timelines with magical pieces that we have and bring them back to you.


As I was saying the Norse have many powerful and magical creatures that make up their reality. We have creature a collection of items that have come from the Norse reality and features some of their most powerful entities. If you are reading this and the piece that you want is out of stock, email one of us, and I'm sure we will be able to get you another.


This piece summons the presence of a darker entity that is known as the Pesta. The Pesta is technically a vette, which is what supernatural spirits are known as in Nordic beliefs. The Pesta is a vette that holds the omen of death. It was discovered by Norse people during the Great Plague. It was a dark time and destiny had help from many entities in spreading the plague-- including the Angel of Death, the Grim Reaper, and Pesta. Of course, these are three names for the same entity viewed through different eyes, but they are death nonetheless.  


The Pesta was said to carry a rake and broom and it showed up as a miserly old hag to your door. If carrying a broom, surely everyone in the household would encounter death. If carrying a rake, she would spare some of the family, but death would become some of those living in the stead.  


Now we don't offer death pieces, so what is it that the Pesta has to offer that could be of value? Death to different aspects of your life... parts of your life that you wish didn't exist but still do. The Pesta can be called upon to cause death to anyone or anything. In our case, this would be anything. There are actually two ways you can use the power of the Pesta.  


First, you can use the Pesta to cause an end to things in your life that you don't like. This could be stress. It could be a financial hardship. It could be bad luck. It could your inability to find a stable job. It could your inability to find romance. Whatever you wanted to be ended, she will end and the opposite result will ensue.  


You can also use this piece to end aspects of other people's lives if you wish. There is a stipulation to this. It has to be somebody who has caused you a hardship. You can end their success. You can end their ability to practice magic. You can end just about any aspect of their life. However, if the Pesta finds out that you are doing this out of jealous or greed, she will cast the fate upon you instead, by the power of ten.