The Egyptian Holy Trinty
The Egyptian Holy Trinty
The Egyptian Holy Trinty

The Egyptian Holy Trinty

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We are starting the day with this powerful Egyptian piece. You'll want this one, too. It embodies the essence of the Egyptian Holy Trinity. Most of the time the Holy Trinity is attributed to only Christianity, but that simply isn't the case. Many trinities are found throughout a vast network of religions from across the world. We touched on that in our piece about the power of the number three the other day.  


What we didn't talk about, though, was the Egyptian Holy Trinity. They started as humans. Their names are Asar, Aset, and Heru, better known as Osiris, Isis, and Horus. As the story goes Osiris was murdered by a usurper who wanted his crown. He was sent to the Underworld where he also became king.  


Isis eventually resurrected Osiris and in doing so he was able to transfer all of his power and knowledge to their son Horus, who then avenged his father and re=took the throne. Osiris went back to being the king of the Underworld. Isis reigned as queen of magic on Earth after receiving those gits from her husband. There's more to it than that, but that's the gist.  


You will see that this necklace has three stones on it. Each stone holds the presence of one-third of the Egyptian holy trinity. When you wear this piece the presence of all three will create a vortex and open up a telekinetic portal through which you will b able to communicate with all three. Through this connection, they will share their powers and magical abilities with you.  


Isis offers knowledge of all mortal and Earthly magic. Osiris offers the knowledge of metaphysical magic and sorcery, as well as the ability to communicate with any spirit of your choosing from the afterlife. Finally, Horus holds the eye that will allow you to look into the universe for accessing magic such as celestial magic and zodiacal magick.  


Again, this piece is pretty powerful and for the price that we are charging, I don't think you will find a better piece. Don't forget if you're reading this before January 5, 2022, this piece qualifies for the half-off sale. Use code "xmas21".