The Eye of Saint Michael's Sphinx
The Eye of Saint Michael's Sphinx
The Eye of Saint Michael's Sphinx
The Eye of Saint Michael's Sphinx

The Eye of Saint Michael's Sphinx

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This piece is real sterling and tiger eye.  It's a beautiful and powerful piece.  



I acquired this piece from a client’s house. Well-- actually it was a would-be client's house. In fact, the reason why I refused to work with the client is because he treats his spirits and the entities he has very badly. He has them holed up for no reason other than the fact that he wants to h2ave them. Don’t get me wrong, I'm not being hypocritical. We have collections of things, but we work with them on a regular basis and if they are spirited we try to get them out to good homes as soon as possible.  


Either way, what I’m getting at is that he has this one room and in that room is the statue of a griffin. He was giving me a tour of his very sizable house, when out of the blue I guess his butler came in with something that needed to be urgently attended to. He instructed me to make myself at home, at which point I began making my way around the room, stopping to check some very interesting artifacts out.  


From behind me a heard clunk sound on the floor. I looked over to find that one of the griffin’s eyes had fallen out. It was no big deal, it was just a separate piece of cement carved and situated into the other to give it a three-dimensional look. I quickly made my way over to the statue, only to discover that in the socket from which the cement chunk had fallen was this ring.  


I immediately felt a connection to the piece and it was desperately calling out to me. Whatever was in the piece was telling me to take the piece away from where it was. The would-be client came back into the room to dismiss himself from our appointment. I was all too ready to get out of there anyway. I stuffed the ring in my pocket and was escorted to the door. I took the piece home at once and began working with it.


I was holding the piece in my hands when the energy began to course through my body. It wasn’t long before I understood why this piece had been hiding in the griffin’s eye. It was because to stone in this piece was the griffin’s eye. Well, it was at one point. Using this piece I was able to see through the other eye of the griffin-- the real griffin. It was located in Heaven.  


As I looked through the griffin’s eye I could see that it wasn’t the only one. Tere many others like it. They soared through the sky-- all made out of precious materials, carved from ivory and marble with precious jewels for eyes, brought to life by the power of God. As I watched, I could see angels-- millions of them, dressed in battle guard. Some of them carried staffs like Noahs. Tey shot explosies out of the end o them. Arches drove by in chariots with bows and arrows that did the same thing. It appeared as if they were getting getting ready to go to battle.  


In another instant the griffin turned sharply and when he did I could see God on his throne. I couldn’t see his face or anything like that. He shone forth as a great light. Around him were twenty-four smaller flights-- the twenty-four elders. From the Elders came a great battle cry and the skies opened up. I could see Earth-- filled with demons and all kinds of vile creatures and humans who had turned from God. The angel went forth with their weapons, destroying all they could, leaving no prisoners.  


As the griffin soared through the air, it engaged in battle with the demonic host. It roared in pain as claws from a great black beast dug into his ribs. He released his own talons and breathed fire from his nostrils. With a single sweep of his paw, the head of his enemy fell to the ground and his body was incinerated. The griffin dive bombed toward the Earth, fired coming from his nostrils, scorching everything he came into contact with. There were giants like Nephilim doing black magic ear an oak tree. The griffin glanced toward them and with his glance came his flame. Ear piercing shrieks filled the air as tey were burned alive by the holy flame.  


I watched as all this happened and more. Then when the world was destroyed-- cleansed they called it-- God descended to Earth, with the twenty-four elders. Half of his angels and host had been destroyed in battle, but the battle had been one. At the food of God’s throne stood Michael the warrior angel. He present God with the head of the Great Beast. I was still not able to see his face, but God made his way from his throne. Picking up Satan’s head he squeezed it until it was nothing more than dust in his hands. He shouted something in a language that I did not understand.  


From the ashes rose the New Jerusalem. Streets of gold replaced desperation and defeat. Those who had followed God-- the righteous-- were allowed into the city and they took to the streets with praises to god in the highest. As my vision faded out, I could eel the presence of Saint Michale’s hand on the griffin’s head. I’m’ noting to go ahead an assume that the griffin belongs to him.  


I was able to see many other visions using this piece, which is the other eye of Michael’s White Light griffin. This piece allows you see through his eye. Sometimes it will give you realtime footage of what the griffin is actually doing, allowing you to see into Heaven. Other times it will give you visions of what is to come, like described above. What is for sure is that this Griffin will feed you white lieght energies and magic that will allow you to create your own white light magical abilities. It will also give you a connection to the throne of God, which will allow you to create miracles ad see the uiverse from a different perspective. You will be given the knowledge of the 24 Elders who know the ancient magic of the divine code. You will receive the magic of the holy flame that lives within the griffin. This is an amazing piece, either way, you look at it. It’s very divine and full of white light energies and manifestations.