The Eyes of the Universe
The Eyes of the Universe
The Eyes of the Universe

The Eyes of the Universe

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This piece looks like a normal piece of fine jewelry. It looks unusual, but nothing like what I'm about to tell you about it. At best it looks like a fancy and unique piece you'd wear to a nice dinner, or perhaps to a ball if you run in those circles. It is a sterling antique piece with beautiful tones of blue and floral designs. You know better than to think that any of our items are normal, so keep reading and I will tell you why this piece is so powerful.

This piece entraps the presence of five arcane energy forms that are known as the Eyes of the Universe. I'm careful not to call them spirit forms because they are really spirits. They are literally living, breathing energy forms. They are ethereal in appearance, but since they are energy and they are superfluous they can take any form that they want to take. This means if they came to Earth, they'd most likely take the form of a human, or perhaps an animal. If they visited somewhere else, they'd take whatever alien form was predominant at that place.

Who exactly are the Eyes of the Universe? Well, they don't exactly have any specific missions. They are wayward energies that travel the universe, seeing and recording. There are five of these entities and each of them offers knowledge of the universe from a unique perspective and vantage point because neither of the five is identical. They are all similar, but different, so they each have a different take on what they experience and a different preference on the knowledge that they maintain.

One of the entities if fascinated with time. It can control time, traveling in and out of time as it pleases. It can open windows in time-space to allow for passing between to points in time safely.

One of the entities is fascinated with souls. It has collected many souls and has the ability to create synthetic souls, which it picked up in the Antaran Galaxy. It mirrors the knowledge of many souls that it has come in contact with. These are souls of many kinds, with many different forms of knowledge and magic.

One of the entities is fascinated with the Cosmos. It has developed a procedure to bed the Cosmos to its will. The cosmos is the driving force of the Universe. It creates reality. Being in control of the Cosmos is being in control of reality-- or at least how you experience it.

One of the entities is fascinated with Quantum Existence. This is to say it is fascinated with existence itself. It has gained a keen ability to create quantum forms, which are kind of like souls. These forms can take any form that you are familiar with-- vampire, djinn, angel, fairy, etc. Of course, this means they become the archetype and offer the magic that belongs to those types of entities.

Finally, the last entity is enthralled by Magic. It doesn't matter what kind of magic it is. The entity has traveled the universe in search of the most exotic types of magic. It will share these forms of magic with you and allow you to manifest them into your own reality. This includes some of the magic you would experience on Earth, but much of the magic you will experience will be from extraterrestrial sources, which you will be able to synthesize and manifest in your own reality.