The Face of Duplicity
The Face of Duplicity
The Face of Duplicity

The Face of Duplicity

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The government is involved in things that they will never admit to. This has been proven time and time again. Whether it is mind control or something else, there are always little secret projects that they are working on unbeknownst to the public. Some say this is to keep the public from panicking, but I call shenanigans on that. Anyway, this is all old news, so I will just dive right in to what we are dealing with.

At first glance, this piece might seem a little underwhelming in terms of what it can actually do. Make no mistake, though. This piece is very powerful and the magic that it holds is extraterrestrial in origins. What is held in this piece is an energy, but it is also a living life-form. It has no physical state, as it is only an energetic form, but at the same time, it can use that energy to appear as anything it wants to appear as. it has the ability to duplicate the molecular makeup, including DNA makeup, of the things that it touches, storing it within some sort of cosmic memory that it holds. It then has the ability to become those things-- or to "re-become" those things at any given point in time.

The energetic life-form was found and retained by ATLAS in 2018 after a meteor was found to have hit Botswana. A group of researchers deployed to the area, one of them finding a particular stone that made a peculiar vibration. It was later recorded that the person who found the stone was soon standing next to a full version of himself that had replicated from the stone. In the report, the researchers write that he was able to have a full-blown conversation with himself. He asked himself questions about his childhood, which were answers in complete, thorough detail.

This was recorded again when the piece was transported from ATLAS to a special research laboratory at the Pentagon. The stone, which we assume the formless entity was using as a home, was allowed to be touched by a highly trained Marine assassin. In an instant, the form in the stone was drawn out and had taken a duplicate form of the Marine. The real Marine was ordered to engage in combat with his duplicate. The two sparred but were met with gridlock, neither one being able to defeat the other. This is because the life-form took on and fully embodied the molecular composition, including the knowledge, of the Marine that had touched it.

The government allowed the life_form to remain in the rock, but throughout the first year that the life-form was on Earth, the government brought many different skilled individuals to it. It became each and every person that was presented to it, acquiring their knowledge, skills, abilities, etc. Some of these individuals were combatants. Some were scientists. Others were patients of mind-control experiments including those who had been given full psychic ability. However, the success the government had the life-form was short-lived as there was a breach of security and the life-form itself was taken. The rock remained, but the energy was no longer intact. Do you wanna take a stab at where the life-form ended up? That's right. Attached to this piece.

We have absolutely no idea how it was put into this piece, but we do know why. This piece has been taken around the world and has been held by numerous paranormal and metaphysical entities. Djinn, vampires, fairies, elves, unicorns, Heaven Hounds, Griffins, even Nephilim, and angels in mortal form. It has been taken to see humans such as the monks in Tibet, Voodoo Priests in Haiti, and all sorts of magical leaders from across the globe. Why is this important? Because, as i mentioned before, these molecular designs were all saved and recorded by the life-form. It has the ability to re-become all of the paradigms of creation that it has stored within it core.

When you own this piece you own a psychic connection to the life-form. We haven't really given it a name, because we haven't really found one that fits. You can feel free to name it yourself, but you don't have to if you don't want to. This piece has been subject to a delayed recourse spell. It is not something that we have put on it, but it, not something that we can reverse either. This simply means that somebody, somewhere along the line slowed down the process of the connection that can be made between this entity and the person. This was most likely done so that way it wouldn't retain evil molecular data or be able to hide the piece's true ability from others.

You will need to give this piece and entity within 21 to 30 days in order to completely bond with you. After that time, your molecular date will also belong to the piece, but you will gain a connection to the entity within. You will be able to not only connect with the life-form but to see its history, including the many different forms of molecular data that it has come in contact with. Once the connection is established you will be able to connect with the life-form and it will take whatever form you request of it. This will allow the entity not only to show you the true form of whatever you have asked it to become, but also on the powers, knowledge, and magic of said entity to you.

Essentially, you can use this piece as a tool to acquire the powers and abilities set forth by the abundance of molecular data that has been acquired by the life-form. You can also take this piece and allow it to acquire new molecular data, from which you can extract new information, including powers, abilities, and magic.