The Golden Serpent of Saint Michael
The Golden Serpent of Saint Michael
The Golden Serpent of Saint Michael
The Golden Serpent of Saint Michael

The Golden Serpent of Saint Michael

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Tomorrow is Election Day in America. Whether you are foreign or national, I'm pretty sure that the outcome of this American election will affect you in one way or another. However, while everyone is focusing their attention on Joe Biden and Donald Trump, trying to convince people why the other one is worse, there are some things that are seemingly skating by without much national attention. I mean, you wouldn't be hard-pressed to find out information about it, but unlike Trump's tax records or Hunter Biden's dealings with foreign regimes and oligarchs, this news isn't dwelled on and it should be.

Look, folks. We cannot stress this enough. We are in the End of Times. It has already begun. About a week ago there was a child-trafficking sting in Ohio. I watch the news nearly every day and I hadn't even realized this happened. I was put onto this over the weekend when I was visiting a friend of mine because the only thing that I've been hearing is election, election, election! So, the thing is that 109 children were rescued from captivity and placed in the care of social services. That's many more children than Ohio's social services are most likely capable of handling, but above and beyond that you have to wonder-- are these children that are being abused sent back out into the public, by their predators, on purpose?

I'm only posing that question because we have this piece. I can't really discuss the names and the places involved with this investigation. It would highly unethical. What I can tell you is that we received this piece from a victim. This victim is now an adult and she has done a complete 180 since she clawed her way out of the vicious child-trafficking circle. She was one of the lucky ones that survived and that is because God has a plan for her. I'm not saying that God doesn't have a plan for everyone, but he has a special plan for her and that is at her own discretion to reveal to people, not ours.

What I can reveal is this. The fact that so many of these children are being found isn't because the people that are trafficking them are careless. They are more than careful not to be found. Instead, they want the children to be found and that is because many-- not all of them, but many-- have been spiritually compromised. They have been used it sexual rituals. They have been used in Satanic rituals. They have been used in Illuminati rituals. Some of them are already possessed and some of them are highly susceptible to becoming possessed because they are spiritually weak.

This is not to say that they cannot be saved or that survivors of this type of abuse are inherently evil. That's not at all what we are saying. We are saying some of these children are groomed to demonic carriers. Demons are like lice, they can multiple inside of a body and jump from one human to the next. I've seen it done before and one exorcism actually turned out to be a pair of them at one time. It was insane to see, but it happens more than you could ever imagine. This is spiritual warfare folks. The social services departments are running out of budgeted funds and many of these children are placed in ramshackles just so they have rooves over their heads a small bit of food in their stomachs.

They are in close quarters with other spiritually deprived people. They come in contact with warm bodies that the demons in their bodies can jump into. They spread like the plague and they causing more and more people to turn away from God, to turn to evil ways and means of survival. They are the ones who grow up and then turn out like the ones that stole them away from their own families. It is a vicious cycle really and this all happens to prepare our world for the final showdown between good and evil that will take place within our lifetime, folks.

The survivor that came to us came with this piece. She told us the story about how she received this belt. She was in captivity and she was locked in a room. She recalled to us that a big, hairy male came into the room. He wouldn't speak to her, he just made grunting sounds at her and forcibly undressed her. She remembers laying on the bed unclothed when a bright light filled the room. The man that had been standing there in front of her stopped moving. She said that she felt this overwhelming sense of joy and hope.

Out of the light stepped an angel that we now know to be St. Michael the Archangel. She said around his neck a golden serpent was coil with his eyes wide open. St. Michael reached out and took her hand in his saying, "Do not be afraid child, God is not done with you." He whispered something to the golden serpent that accompanied him and it suddenly began to slither down the angel's arm and wrapped himself around the girl's arm. She said it was the warmest feeling her body had ever experienced and for the first time in her lie she wasn't afraid.

When she looked over at the man who had intended to make her perform for him, he had turned to a granite colored stone. She walked out of the door and down a narrow hallway where other victims were kept. As she did, the doors of the other rooms opened and the girls (and some boys) who were kept there were able to escape. The Head Mistress wasn't able to stop them despite her pleas for them to stay. Her guards were useless as they were all turned to stone as well. I'm not sure exactly what happened to all the survivors. I know there was a small operation that was shut down out of Texas.

This girl who provided this piece to us told us that this is the piece that it transformed into after the angel disappeared. The piece holds the presence of St. Michaels golden serpent. This serpent is not a serpent of knowledge, although it does hold the knowledge of God. Rather this serpent is St. Michael's own pet. It's more of a white light familiar than it is a pet, to be honest. It holds the protective abilities of Michael and carries with it the magic of Michael's flaming sword. His sword is invincible and cannot be beating. The girl tells us that this piece hands down is what saved her life and the life of all the others who were freed. She's not sure what happened to the rest of the children, but she knows they got away.

She attributes her life success to this piece. She has since been integrated back into society, has bought her own house, has bought her own car, has found a meaningful relationship with somebody who values her, and has begun pursuing her education as a social worker. She said that this piece has allowed her many white light miracles, not only in her own life but in others as well. She points to the fact that this piece has allowed her to heal people, to give them spiritual healing, to cast demons out of them, and in once instance, it even allowed it to bring somebody back to life, although we haven't had that kind of success with this piece, because we aren't killing someone just to see if it really works-- so we don't guarantee that, but she said she's used it for that purpose.

She told us that using this piece has allowed her to see into Heaven. It has given her a direct connection with God and His infinite mind. His wisdom radiates through her and she able to manifest his wisdom and his infinite knowledge of white light magic through the power she has created while on Earth. There have been many white light powers that she creates using the knowledge this piece has given her including the ability to grant people wealth, the ability to change her own destiny, the ability to summon angels for their help with magic, etc.

The piece is vintage and while it looks like it resembles some sort of monster, I can assure you it is the Golden Serpent of Saint Michael. You don't have to wear the piece constantly, only when you want to use it for its power. Even then you can wear it as a belt or drape it around your neck. You can wear it however you want as long as you are wearing it. While you are wearing it, it will be as the white light cloak of God is wrapped around you. Your spirit and your soul will be impenetrable from all forms of evil and you will live in the existence of God.