The Grape and the Raisin

The Grape and the Raisin

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 This is the real fountain of youth found!  This is the missing link to longevity. 

Patrick Flannigan, the guy who used to make the sensors found a way to stop aging.  The problem is that it would not stay that way. You would go back to aging. The secret was water but very special water. It’s the grape and the raisin. One is dehydrated and the other plump and young. 

The researchers say the reason you are aging is because you are dehydrating. The cells are no longer holding the moisture as they should.  If you are holding water you are holding it in the wrong places.

The water we will be sending you needs to be used for a year. You will get enough to do that. There is a special process that goes into making it. This uses a sensor, a Tesla fridge dish and special ingredients like Opals and other things. We are not going to tell you the exact recipe but it was very expensive to get started. 

The goal is to keep your cells hydrated. When you do this you stop aging and you remain healthy. 

You will love this!