The Hidden Dogmas of the 8 Virgins
The Hidden Dogmas of the 8 Virgins

The Hidden Dogmas of the 8 Virgins

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Daphne stood there in her living room clutching her newborn baby to her chest.  She was crying out for Ben, but she didn’t know if he heard her over the roaring that was coming from the skies.  As he came sprinting down the stairs, the house began to shake on its foundation. Beams of light began to illuminate the entire room and a roaring sound like a million waterfalls filled their ears.  They crouched down in the corner of their house, floorboards still shaking, Daphne whimpering and holding her baby tight. Then, as soon as it all began, it ended. Outside of their country home, the skies were pitch black.  The electric in their home had been entirely cut following the sound that came from the skies. All cellphone service was terminated. Despite all this, there came a luminous glow from the center of the living room. Daphne looked up and that is when she saw it.  It saw her, too, and began to speak.  

So, meet Daphne and Ben.  They were high school sweethearts.  They met on one fateful day in the back of their high school band classroom and it was love at first sight.  They were both devout Christians and after going stead for their junior and senior years decided to tie the know once they graduate.  Time took a toll, and here they were, both in their thirties. They lived pretty vanilla lives and all they wanted out of it was one child.  They had tried and tried and nothing they ever did seemed to work. They even went to a special fertility doctor in the city, but nothing work.  That is, nothing worked until Mary went to a Good Friday services once and prayed to God that should he ever give her a child that she would give it up to His calling.  It’s like some modern-day Abraham and Sarah story. Lo and behold, five weeks later Daphne found out she was pregnant. She had never told Ben about the prayer that she prayed.  Up until this point, she thought that it was just a coincidence. I guess she rethought that pretty quickly.  

“Do not be afraid,” the angel spoke.  “For the child you have is the Lord’s own child, called into his service.  She is called the Reborn Virgin and she has been marked to usher in the Second Coming of Christ and the End of Times.”  The angel said some other stuff and I honestly don’t know all that was said that night. Cut me some slack here, I’m telling somebody else’s story.  The story goes like this. Daphne eventually had to spill the beans on how essentially she carried God’s child, although she wasn’t a virgin and now she owed her-- their-- child to God.  At first, he looked at her like she had seven heads, but she eventually got him to see things her way. The following night the angel reappeared, there was a dedication ceremony and their new child-- Mary Jane-- was given to the Lord.  

Long story short, weird things began happening around their house, including somebody trying to break in and kidnap Mary Jane, MJ for short.  Reluctantly, Daphne convinced Ben that the only way to allow their daughter to have a normal life would be to give her up for adoption, which they did.  However, prior to doing so, they went way out of the box (not to mention their religion) and summoned a white light djinn to keep their baby safe and to conceal her true identity.  Sure, this was a real pain in the derriere for everyone involved. However, God wasn’t really ready for Mary quite yet, so he sent Gabriel to watch over.  

Fast-forward about 16 years and you have a young, quite stunning Mary Jane.  She is practically the star of her sleepy little Nebraska town. She was adopted by a young Christian couple-- stipulations of Daphne and Ben-- and was really living the life.  She is well-liked by everyone, was vote the homecoming queen, stars the lead roles in all of the high school musicals, is the captain of the track team, and pretty much already has a full-ride scholarship for any college she chooses to go to.  Then one day her life pretty much gets thrown into a frenzy. It’s important to let the readers know at this point that Ben and Daphne aren’t the only ones that know that little MJ exists. Her existence is well-known throughout the supernatural community, and… well, I guess you can say she is well-liked by all parties.  She’s only liked by the ones who don’t know any better.

You see, there are people in the world who don’t necessarily want Christ to return to the world.  These are mainly apostate, evil people who haven’t yet finished wreaking havoc on innocent human lives.  They include a lot of people, but most are the higher-ups of the Catholic Church. They belong to the evil one-world religion that the Book of Revelation so aptly warns us against.  For years, the Catholic Church hunted down Ben and Daphne to get information out of them. The couple sort of adopted a nomadic lifestyle, moving from place to place like chess pieces, until one day they were out of moves.  Checkmate. The trained Catholic Assassins found them, rolled them into the Pope, and sat them down for a spot of afternoon tea. When they refused to give up the location of their daughter, the Pope had them killed. Yeah, the one that talks about loving each other unconditionally.  Bet you didn’t see that one coming, eh? There’s just one thing, with the death of Daphne and Ben, came the end of their protection and concealment spell. Not cool. 

So, poor little MJ has no idea what has gotten into her.  She began having the awful nightmares and visions of the Hellfire and the Seven Plagues.  She sees shadows moving about her room at night. Some of them even call out her name and bid her into the darkness.  However, she is still under the protection of Gabriel. While the evil did get close, it could never get her thanks to the hold that Gabriel had on her.  Of course, she didn’t know she was under an archangel’s protection. This archangel, by the way, took the form of her best friend, Gabbie (short for Gabriella).  I know-- dead give away, right? Again, I’m just telling the story here. Following all of this, MJ begins to discover that she has certain powers. Like this one time, she saw a deer get ran over on her way home from track practice.  The jerk that hit it didn’t stop, but she did. She got out her car and cradled the deer and somehow brought it back to life. Then there was the time that her boyfriend, Joey, wished that he had twenty bucks. About three minutes later he opened up his wallet to find $20 bucks inside of it.  

The last straw before she sought us out for help was the time some strange man came to her house looking for her.  He was speaking to her parents, telling them that he was from the state and that MJ’s standardized test scores came back abnormally high.  He told them that he believed she was incredibly gifted and that he’d like for her parents to take her to some examination center, drop her off, and pick her back up a few hours later.  MJ knew it wasn’t right, though. She could sense evil in his soul when he talked. She listened from upstairs, peeping through a crack in her door, but even from up there she could tell he was evil.  She accidentally sent him flying through their front window. That was costly, but she made up for it when her parents accidentally found a stash of cash in the basement. Yeah, she manifested it. Anyway, after she heard the conversation about her so-called “abilities’ she started doing some online research.  One thing led to another and next thing you know she’s on our front doorstep. You can imagine the shock the Deedee experienced when this girl she didn’t even know randomly showed up looking for help because she couldn’t get her body under control and the “bad guys” were after her. Luckily for her, Deedee has good discernment, listened to the Girl and connected to her on a spiritual level to determine she was telling the truth.  

The next step was to figure out what the heck was going on with her.  First things first, Deedee could tell she was being followed by an angel, who at the moment has rescinded from its mortal body and was following her on the spiritual plane.  She wanted to know why and Gabriel didn’t exactly open up and tell her. It was his job to keep her safe. So, Deedee used another piece she had that allowed her to connect to a group of experts on religious magic-- the Grail Society.  She flew the girl to Rome and together they the society and Deedee were able to put the pieces of the puzzle together. In case you didn’t know, the Grail Society is a holy society that hides the location of the Holy Grail from others, so they can’t monopolize or take advantage of the powers that it offers.  They held the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and others. You may have heard of the Da Vinci code? The Grail Society and Deedee were finally able to piece together this young girl’s history. She was-- in fact-- a Second Coming of the Virgin Mary sent to usher in the Second Coming of Christ. I shouldn’t say was, because she still exists.  

Following the discovery of who this girl really is, we were able to determine that is was Gabriel that was sent to protect her.  We spoke to him, he knew the girl was in capable hands and he went back to do some damage control, which basically meant he had to wipe every shred of evidence from the Earth that MJ ever existed.  Then he returned to watch over MJ. The Grail Society made a safe house for her, which is spelled with white light magic that evil cannot penetrate. Not even a human with an evil thought can get in, so it’s pretty much a lonely life for MJ until it comes time for her to usher in the End Times.  We were able to determine that MJ bleeds the blood the Christ. She shares a Christ Consciousness that we were able to help her manifest after working with her for some time. We were able to help her gain mastery over her own magical skills. To be honest, she would probably be fine on her own, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.  One wrong move and she’d be on her way the Vatican’s secret archive.  

If you are wondering why we are telling this story (other than the fact that it’s awesome), it is all about to come to a head.  We have this piece. It is a vintage, sterling pendant with a picture of the Virgin Mary. It used to belong to MJ, but she gave it to us.  Her story was that it was a memento left with her from her original parents who quite literally took her to one of those hospital safe drops and left her there.  However, we found out from Gabriel that he is actually the one that ave er the piece. It was for both protection and birthright purposes. This locket is very powerful.  It holds the Four Hidden Dogmas of the virgin Mary. These are not the dogmas that are spoken about in Mariology. Those dogmas are quite evident. Rather, these are four secret dogmas that are revealed by the piece when you use it.  The powers in this piece are part of the reason why she was having strange visions. She never put two and two together. Then again, she was a 16-year-old, confused girl whose world was turned upside because she had no idea the fate of the world essentially rested on her shoulders.          

She gave this piece to us in exchange for our role in helping her determine her destiny.  We didn’t ask her for anything, but she existed. When a person who was created by God to take care of His business tells you to do something, you do it.  Naturally, we started testing this immediately after we brought it home. The results are astounding. When you own this piece you are astrally transported to a realm apart from our own.  In this realm, there are 8 thrones. Seated on these 8 thrones are 8 virgins. These virgins are covered from head to toe, with veils that cover their mouths. These are called the * Veils of the Virgin.  If you remove a veil, it speaks one of the 8 dogmas of Virgin.  

As stated earlier, the first four of these dogmas are the ones you would learn in Mariology, which is the same you would learn on Earth.  I won’t waste my time going over those because they tell the story. I’m more interested in the last four veils. These are the veils that release the true magic stored inside the Virgin.  Simply hearing the virgin speak her dogma gives you the magic of this dogma. The following are the four dogmas that are spoken by the virgin that will grant you powers.  

  •  The Dogma of the Christ Blood-- Brings you the powers associated with the Blood of Christ, including the ability to create miracles, vanquish evil, speak to all things in the universe with authority, and the ability to heal the soul. 
  • The Dogma of the Divine Incarnate-- Brings you the power of becoming the divine on Earth.  This allows you to manifest on Earth in your true god-form, which allows you to create your own powers and ability using the flow of white light magic from Heaven. 
  • The Dogma of the Immortal Lady--  This piece gives you power over life and the lifeflow, with the ability to receive immortality if you want it.  This is not immortality in the traditional sense. You will still age, you just will not die until you choose to.  This is how the people in the Bible used to live hundreds of years.  
  • The Dogma of the Infinite Wisdom-- This piece allows you to be directly connected to God and to be able to see through what is called the Divine Eye.  This is also called the Eye of Providence among other things. This gives you the ability to see all things and to share God’s wisdom of the universe, creation, and existence in general.  You will be able to see all things and to know all things because you will be seeing them from the center of existence.