The Hollywood Sex Club--  DO NOT MISS THIS!!
The Hollywood Sex Club--  DO NOT MISS THIS!!
The Hollywood Sex Club--  DO NOT MISS THIS!!

The Hollywood Sex Club-- DO NOT MISS THIS!!

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This beautiful piece is made out of lavender jade and 14k gold.  We have extracted the photos from our Youtube Video on the piece.  You can see more of this piece by visiting the following link:


Here's the thing. You already know that most of the actors and actresses in Hollywood are part of an ulterior Satanic agenda. This isn't because they are innately evil, it is because Lucifer has shown them all that they could be with his help. You might be thinking that God's help would be much more desirable and wouldn't end up with these people owing their souls. You're right. However, Satan has gotten to them first, and just like he tempted Jesus in the desert, he has shown these people the possibilities of the world. They've fallen for them.

It's not like any of this information hasn't been revealed to the public. It is "hidden" right under their eye. It is paraded around on awards shows. It is painted in art. It is broadcasted on television and social media. However, the human mind has been so subjected to the presence of all of these things that they dismiss it so easily. In ancient times the symbols ad insignia meant something. They were sigils that carried with them great meaning. Today, they have become watered-down versions of what they used to be- such as the all-seeing eye and the pyramid on the dollar bill or even vague references to the Illuminati in songs and on album cover art. They have made these things so commonplace that it is almost impossible to believe that there is some hidden agenda-- but there is.

I'm not going to get into this hidden agenda. That is for another time. Rather, I'm going to tell you about something else that goes on in Hollywood. It is the practice of ancient sexual rituals through which powers and magic are passed. It's called the Hollywood Sex Club. Well, actually it's called the Hollywood F-word Club, but some of our readers aren't into all that vulgarity, so we will simply call it the Hollywood Sex Club. They keep the details of this club under wraps for the most part, but I'd be surprised if minor details of the club aren't revealed simply due to the upcoming election and the fact that "some high profile politician's son's" harddrive has been confiscated. I mean these things go back to Epstein Island. They go back to the Channel Islands. The powerful people in Hollywood-- and unfortunately the government-- just take what they want and will not ever be properly called out for it.

The thing is that there is one person who calls all the shots. He has it organized like a corporation. The talent scouts and agents in Hollywood are almost all involved and they look for people who they think would be willing participants. They get them to agree to terms and conditions. These people are given what they want-- talent, riches, fame, attention, material possessions, and then they almost certainly become part of the Hollywood Sex Club. Why? Because the club doles out powers lie rehab centers hand out suboxone strips. The person who oversees the whole show is a False Prophet and is simply referred to as the Prophet. People in Hollywood know about the Prophet, but they don't talk about it for fear of what might happen to them if they do.

Anyway, this magic is transmitted sexually, meaning if somebody wants a power or ability they must sleep with somebody that already has it. These powers flow from the Prophet who has had sex with many lower-level members of the Holly Sex Club, because, well... he just really enjoys sex in the carnal form. He has passed every type of magic that you can think of onto others. He continues to do so, probably as I'm typing this up. Members of the Sex Club meet nearly every day of the week. They facilitate and participate in massive ritual orgies that are pleasing to the Prophet. He delivers them the magic that they want and in exchange, they must offer their eternal souls to Satan. The idea is that Satan gets enough souls before his final shot at a takeover in a war between good and evil. However, he isn't going to win. You'd think he'd learn from the last time. He's an idiot.

Anyway, what we are offering is a very good quality piece of jewelry that is made out of lavender jade and 14k gold. This piece is exquisite and the best part about it is that each and every jade bead that is on this necklace holds what we call a "cell" of magic. There is living energy in each of them that can be molded into whatever magic you want to create it into. This piece was worn by a very high-profile celebrity during one of the Sex Club's rituals, which is how this piece received its magic. She has since broken away from the Hollywood elite and has turned this piece over to us knowing that we would be able to find a better home for it. She no longer wants anything to do with the club or their magic.

Having said all that, this piece is not evil, but it is not inherently good. We have worked with this piece to make sure that if you want the chance to use white light magic instead of dark magic you can have it. If you want dark magic, that's on you. Really, in all honesty, this is just magic. It's intention magic and you can use it however you want to, to create whatever you want. The actress that gave this piece to us wanted a way to assure that once she was done she'd never have to go back to one of the orgy rituals. Well, she took it one step further. She's done with magic altogether, which is why we have this piece. Needless to say, she did a good job of getting what she wants. She has secured 26 cells of magic that will manifest 26 powers for the person who uses them. What? Yes, that's right. I said 26 powers.

I don't think I need to say much more about this piece, but I will just say this. You don't have to offer up your soul. This piece is not inherently evil. This piece will not take over you. This piece is literally just neutral magic that is extremely, extremely powerful. You get to create the magic that it will give you with your mind. It's really that simple to comprehend. This piece is gorgeous. Again, it is lavender jade and 14k gold. The combination of the quality of this piece and the unparalleled power that it gives you make this piece quite the asset. Instructions will be given to the person who ultimately ends up with the piece. --