The Holy Flock
The Holy Flock

The Holy Flock

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This is the last and the most powerful of the items that we found in the abandoned church in New Jersey.  It is an antique picture of Jesus watching over his flock.  The piece is made out of copper and it is a pendant that can be worn on a chain or carried in the pocket.  This piece brings you the magic and the knowledge of Jesus' Holy Flock.  By Holy Flock, I mean the Twelve Disciples.  While Jesus was on Earth, He gave each of his disciples divine magic that they were to look after.   They have been looking after them for eternity-- even Judas the Betrayer who walks eternally.  You will meditate with this piece and it will bring the presence of the Holy Flock to you as a whole, not individually.  I'm telling you this because there will be somebody who emails and asks for a breakdown of which disciple does what.  It's not important, because when you call them one, you call them all.  Instead, you will receive a list of the 12 magics that they watch over.  It is below. 

- Divine Wealth (on both Earth and in Heaven)

-Divine Healing (both physical and spiritual)

-Divine Protection (from evil, darkness, and all of Satan's creatures)

-Divine Prophecy (to receive prophecy from God)

-Divine Truth (the ability to know the wisdom of God)

-Divine Connection (to the universe, to see God's magic in the world)

-Divine Summoning (of the Holy Host, angels)

-Divine Granting (of miracles that you will ask for)

-Divine Intervention (to help you overcome your obstacles

-Divine Mysteries (revelations of the mysteries and white light magic written in the Bible)

-Divine Love (helping you find an eternal love for life and the afterlife)

-Divine Eternity (like Immortality, but only in the spiritual sense)