The Industry 101:  Jumpstart To Success

The Industry 101: Jumpstart To Success

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Layaways are now available. You will need to put 20% down. You need to pay at least monthly. You have six months to pay it off. You need to email to set up your layaway with a link for what you want. Your item will not be removed until you put your 20% down. There are NO REFUNDS on layaways. Know this BEFORE putting it on! If for some reason you cannot finish paying your layaway, whatever you have paid toward your layaway will be converted to store credit.


All $38.00 pieces from all websites are items that can be replaced. If you are seeing an item, but it is out of stock you can simply email and request a duplicate. Likewise, you may not always be receiving what the picture shows. The piece will always hold the exact same powers, though, so you don't have to worry about that. If emailing for a replacement piece, please be sure to specify what type of jewelry you like and we will try our best to get you that. Again, when you purchase a $38.00 item, you may not always get what you see pictured, but it will always hold the same power. These are Carnival of Caveness, $38.00 items.



If you're in the music industry you know how it goes. Sometimes you have to do some shady stuff to succeed. We have sold pieces like this before to people who have gone on to become international timeless icons. Luckily for you, all you have to do is wear the piece. There are no solicited "favors" involved, you don't have to help anybody embezzle cash, and you won't even have to sell your soul.  


Why are we selling this piece so cheap? Well, Deedee was is a generous mood and we believe that everyone deserves a chance to make it in life. So, first come, first served. This piece will help pilot a career in the music industry-- whatever that looks like for you. Whether you sing, you're in a band, you produce records, even if you want to dress up in a kilt and play some wicked bagpipe-- this piece will work for you.  


If you don't want to be famous, you certainly don't have to be. Maybe your music career looks like being a teacher at a private music institution. Whatever your dream is, this piece will help you actualize it.

This piece is an antique pin that you will wear.