The Infinitum
The Infinitum
The Infinitum

The Infinitum

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I know an old wizard who goes by the name Casseus. By old, I mean that he is part of the Old Order. They are the type of magicians who made up the people who were in the original Enlightened Ones, the Greek Mystery School, and the Eye of the Orient. I'm not going to say that he is the most powerful wizard that I've ever met or dealt with, but he is very wise. With wisdom comes knowledge. Knowledge is power. I'd say he id definitely in the top ten most powerful wizards that I've ever encountered, which is say ing something because naturally, I've dealt with a lot. 

The funny thing is that I never even intended upon meeting Casseus. I simply found him one day while I was exploring old caves in upstate Pennsylvania. I found him living in one of the caves that were previously occupied by the Monks of the Wissahickon. He had found a way to revive the magic of the monks that used to live there, which is quite incredible considering the amount of time that they have been gone. Anyway, I came across him during that investigation, which is pretty cool because otherwise, my day would have been a total waste.

So, I drive up to see Casseus every once in a while. I love his stories of the old ways and the magic that he has to offer me on occasion is out of the world both figuratively and literally. This past time that I went to visit him, he gave the secret of something called the Infinitum. The Infinitum is a life force all of its own that is separate from the life force upon which all life in the universe exists. It is a life force that gives life to the magic that people use daily. Like the life force of the universe and the cosmos, the Infinitum is endless. Hence, it is called the Infinitum.

Every time a magical object creates magic for somebody, every time somebody utters a spell, every time somebody performs a ritual there has to be an energy that gives this magic life. That is what they Infinitum is. It is the life and the soul of magic. As I sat with Casseus, I watching him prick his finger and allowed several drops of his own blood to fall upon a sheet of parchment. With this ring on his finger, he took a quill in his hand and wrote "Ad Infinitum" on the paper. He signed his name at the bottom and bade me do the same. The blood absorbed into the parchment and I was transported to a luminous place. There were light and energy as far as the eye could see and a feeling of contentedness in my soul that could not be shaken.

This was the Infinitum. It was a never-ending soul that stretched on forever and more. it is the very basis upon which all magic is created, manipulate only by energies of our own world to suit the needs of those who are using it. Most people don't understand this, because they don't know the Infinitum exists. A lot of times they think they are just performing magic that has already been created or instilled into a piece. They are not wrong, but even continued magic has to receive its life from someplace and the Infinitum is that place. I felt so perfectly content inside of the Infinitum. My soul was at ease. It was a very warm and fuzzy feeling. I wager that had Casseus not been there I might have never come back. It takes self-control to be able to travel to the Infinitum and come back-- or so I'm told. That day Casseus was my self-control.

This ring that you are getting has been bound with blood. It is bound to the Infinitum. I will not allow you to travel to the Infinitum. The only way I've ever seen to do that is with the parchment that Casseus has. However, when you wear this ring, it ties your soul to the Infinitum and allows you to create any kind of magic you want. If you can think of it, it can become magic. All you have to do is write it out on paper. You will then light a flame-- either a fire, a candle, or otherwise. You will recite what you have written out loud. This piece will pull, from the Infinitum, a soul for your magic and what you have written will come to life. Mind you, we have tweaked this piece and it will not create immortality. Nor, will it create a cure for any life-altering illnesses. Nor, will it allow you to cause death. There are consequences for messing with the life force that far graved than expected if you don't know how to handle what you are doing. So, we just made it easy and omitted this part-- and it can't be undone. The important part is (HELLO!!) you can create any kind of magic that you want!!