The International Society of Wealth

The International Society of Wealth

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All $38.00 pieces from all websites are items that can be replaced. If you are seeing an item, but it is out of stock you can simply email and request a duplicate. Likewise, you may not always be receiving what the picture shows. The piece will always hold the exact same powers, though, so you don't have to worry about that. If emailing for a replacement piece, please be sure to specify what type of jewelry you like and we will try our best to get you that. Again, when you purchase a $38.00 item, you may not always get what you see pictured, but it will always hold the same power. These are Carnival of Caveness, $38.00 items.



This piece was once the property of a clandestine group called the International Society for Wealth, or the ISW. They don’t claim a particular creed. They don’t follow any particular type of magic. The only thing that is certain for ISW is that they use magic that grants them extreme, extreme wealth. 



Sometimes they do blood ritual magic. Other times they use sex magic. Sometimes they use conjuration of spirits and other entities. They own djinn and have bound vampires to items of interest. They use a myriad of magic and they aren’t particular as to what type of magic it is. Their mission is simple enough. All they wish to achieve is extreme wealth.  



I won’t go into detail as to who the members of the ISW are, but I will tell you this much. The kind of wealth that they produce is the kind of wealth that builds companies like Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, Pfizer, Walmart, and other various, extremely successful entities.  



This particular piece is an art nouveau item. It is an antique and comes from France. I cannot confirm the rumor, but the person that we got this piece from said that it was a gift from James Rothschild to Nikki Hilton, who would eventually become his wife. It was not the monetary value of the piece that was important, but the wealth power that it embodies that made it such a treasurable gift.  



This piece holds the energy of several different types of wealth magic including alchemy wealth magic, hermetic wealth magic, divine wealth magic, Vedic wealth magic. It has taken years to create the perfect blending of power and magic that is contained within this piece.  



The piece was eventually surrendered by Nikki back to the ISW after the two wed but somehow managed to fall into the wrong hands. I guess that means big things for whoever purchases this piece. The piece holds extreme wealth and that is literally all that it will do for you. However, when you are talking about that much wealth, it’s all you’ll really need. Money talks and the rest of your woes will disappear and the things you want out of life will fall into place.