The Keepers
The Keepers
The Keepers
The Keepers

The Keepers

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I could feel him gaining on me. As I walked faster, it felt like it was no effort at all for him to keep up. He had long, lanky legs like a skeleton and as fast I tried to get away from him he kept gaining on me and gaining on me. I felt like there was nothing I could do. I stopped dead in my tracks fully prepared to confront whoever-- or whatever-- was behind me. There was nothing there.

I squinted into the darkness to make sure that my eyes weren't deceiving me or maybe there was some spirit that I neglected to register. Still nobody was there. I stood there perplexed because I knew that there was somebody behind me. I had seen him and I could feel his energy. He wore a black trench overcoat and had long slicked-back, greasy-looking hair. His cheekbones were high and his eyes were sunken. In his yellowish-white eyes, he had jet-black pools for pupils. It was like staring into the darkness. I know this because I saw his reflection in one of the car windows I walked past.

Now there was nothing. Just stillness and quiet. I looked out into the night and as I did I heard rustling from above-- a nearby tree. Something or somebody whispered my name into my ear and I looked up. When I did I heard a blood-curdling squawk. There in mid-air hung a ghastly looking human body, suspended by a pair of beating wings that resembled bat wings more than any bird or angel I had ever seen. The entity was awkward and slim and had a face like a bird.

The entity began speaking some sort of jibberish so I fervently tried to connect to it on a psychic level. I was able to connect to it slightly and for a few second before the human form transformed into a harrowing looking bird and flew away. All I was able to get from its mind was something about "the Keepers" and that whatever the entity had been it had been around for a very long time.

For the next few days, I reached out to a lot of people that I've worked with before to determine what I had encountered. What I came up with is the following. They are indeed called the Keepers. They are an ancient, scavenger type of entity. They are kind of like Harpies in that they take the form of birds from time to time and they can also take full human form. Evidently, they can also take the form of a human with dark wings, giving the illusion that they are, in fact, dark angels.

The Keepers are fringe-entities that dwell in the outer bands of whatever existence they intend on visiting. They are also interdimensional. They are inquisitive and nosey creatures, which is why I think the Keeper was following me in the first place. I think he wanted what was in my pocket, given the fact that I was testing a new piece. They visit many places from all over the universe and many planes of existence. They often-times carry great knowledge that can be accessed if you capture one of them, which includes the use of a very complicated spell.

No matter, though. When the Keeper was transforming he dropped this piece out of his pocket. YOu can see the two birds on this piece. It is a vintage piece made out of sterling silver. Each of the stones holds a "Keeper" in it that was, I guess, being used by the Keeper I encountered. I don't know why he'd need it when he himself is a Keeper, but that's the way the cooking crumbled.

These Keepers have been around the universe and they hold great and vast knowledge of all sorts of magic and magical abilities. From Cosmic and Celestial magic to wealth magic to ancestral magic and communication with the dead, this piece will do nearly anything that you need it to. This is because the Keepers that are in this piece a combined 6,000 years of experience in collecting knowledge and magic from around the universe.

When you own this piece, you own this Keeper. They will manifest their magic to you, which is abounding. I'm not going to list everything that they are capable of because there is more that they are capable of than what they aren't capable of. When you own this piece, you will get to know them. Their appearance is overwhelmingly creepy if you get to that level of a connection with them. If not, you can simply communicate with them via psychic vibes to tell them what you want. They are surprisingly pleasant to deal with.