The Lady of the Heavens
The Lady of the Heavens
The Lady of the Heavens

The Lady of the Heavens

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She cannot be defined. She has worn many faces and has come to Earth from her celestial abode many times. She is one of the most powerful entities that you will ever come across, if you come across her. We were lucky enough to receive this piece, not because we went on any type of investigation to get, but because it was delivered to us. Indeed it was delivered under the most mysterious of circumstance. It was a rainy night and we were working in the office. It as about half past nine. There came a knocking at the door. I looked at Deedee and she looked back at me. Our office where we keep our collections is very private. I got up and answered the door, but there was nobody there. we dimissed it as the wind, but there came a second round of knocking at the door. Deedee got up this time to check the door. Still nothing. At this I was kind of irritated, thinking that is was some child playing a joke. Even so, how had the child found our office, so far out? The third time we heard the knocking, I got up in a fury and made haste to the door.

"Look, you little shit...", but my words were cut off mid-sentence. There on the stoop leading up to the door was a small packed. There was nothing standard about the package. It had no shipping label, no marking of being from the post office. The only thing that was written on the parcel was the name "Deedee". It was quite strange, but we are glad that this piece was sent to us. On the inside of the package in an envelope and wrapped in several layers of tissue paper was this piece. It is a beautiful piece, made of 24k gold, with the picture of a woman with a look of nobility or royalty. It is a very precious piece and the powers that are held within are enough to make anybody want this piece. To be clear, to this day, we are not sure who sent us this piece. We are more than glad that we received it, so if you are reading this, we thank you humbly.

Inside the package there was another envelope. This envelope was seal with a wax sea. When the wax seal was broke, we began to feel energy emanate from the piece with the woman. There was a letter in the enevlope that stated the following: "I am the one that hides in the clouds and the one who walks solely by night. I have worn many faces and I assumed many identities. I am the mysteries of the Heaven and the countenance of the skies. It is through I that the mysteries shall be revealed to you. These include the mysteries of now and the mysteries of all times. I am true knowledge. I am power in the raw. If you have received this, then you have been chosen. Allow the journey to begin."

That night Deedee took the piece home with her and slept with it under her pillow. The following day I raced into the office assuming to hear some story about how she went on this incredible ourney. However, it was until after the seventh day that this piece finally poened up to Deedee. In her own words, she said the amount of time it took her to bond to the piece was one of the longest times it has ever taken her to work with a piece. In saying this, I wish only to caution the person who receives this piece that it might take a week or longer for this piece to work for you. All you have to do is go to bed with it it under your pillow, as Deedee has and the bonding process will begin. Allow this piece to "sleep" next to you every night and the bonding takes place during your unconscious slumber. It is when you are in your most suggestible state.

When Deedee was able to find a connection to this piece, she said what she experienced was enlightening. By her own account, she was taken away to a grand hall called Regia Solis. She was sat in a chair next to a majestic throne. Around the throne, forming an arch were 13 suns. In the throne sat woman whose eyes swirled like galaxies. she held a scepter wrapped with stars and when she breathed it gave birth to the many winds of Earth and of the galaxy. She calls herself the Lady of the Heavens. As she told Deedee, she walks among the stars and the constellations. She is the regent of the Cosmos and she alone holds full knowledge of the universe. As Deedee wathced the lady exited her throne and walk over to where Deedee was sitting. Each of her steps create peals of thunder. She set her hand upon Deedees forehead, whereupon Deedee's eyes rolled up into her head and when she was able to see again there was nothing but darkness and the voice of the Lady. Around her head spiraled tiny little lights like flecks of dust in those sunbeams that shoot in through the windows. However, these flecks of dust were universes-- the many universe of existence and not just ours. She told Deedee-- think of whatever it you want to know and look into the universes. The answers shall be given to you.

This was probably the wrong thing to tell Deedee because anybody who knows Deedee knows that she probably has about a million unanswered questions. Deedee told me that in this form that she took she was able to grow up with the universe. She was able to see all things and to know all knowledge. In this form she became the universe. She was able to know all magic and to take all forms. There was nothing she needed to know because she was given the knowledge of all things. The knowledge of the universe became her own knowledge and she was able to bring this back with her to Earth, which only made her more powerful. Not only was she able to experience our own universe, but she was able to experience the multitudes of other universes that there are to exist. She was taken to the beginniing of each of these forms of existence and was also able to grow with them and though it felt like millions of years had passed by, it was but seconds. See, time is but a construct of man. Time does not exist. Nobody begins or ends, they simply change. She was able to see many of these changes, many forms of existence, many powers, many abilities, many forms of magic, before once again being presented to the Lady of the Heavens.

The Lady of the Heavens told her to come back to Earth and share what she had seen and all the magic she had gained and all the knowledge she acquired with somebody who deserves it. She immediately thought of our HC team. We each have our own experiences with the piece. For example, when I used this piece I was taken to a place called "the Beginnings." In this place I was introduced to a spirit called Aedifex, also called the Architect of Souls. From the energy of the cosmos at the center of existence, he used this energy to create souls. He'd literally take the energy into his hands a blow life upon it. These souls weren't just human souls, they were many types of souls. They were the souls of animals, of humans, and of many different types of foreign life forms that you have never even heard of it. Into each of the souls he breathed in a different type of knowledge, power, or magic. He'd send them off into the universe to live out their destiny. Some of the souls came back after a few weeks, some after a few months, some not for thousands of years. They rejoined the the cosmos and he once again shaped the soul into life. Sometimes they were the same as the previous form and sometimes they were different. I remember thinking to myself that this could be the reason why some people remembe being vampires, or even aliens from far away galaxies in a past life. It is all very relative to how Aedifex shaped their existence and their life cycles. It was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my entire existence.

Other's had their own experience, but it's best that I don't speak for them. We have had this piece for years now, wondering whether it was going to remain with us or if we were going to make it available to one very lucky customer. I can guarantee you, this piece is enligthening and all-encompassing. I would love to say that with this piece you will receive this power or this magic, but I really can't. With this piece you literally receive it all. It is all inclusive. I will teach you and show you everthing, because the Lady of the Heavens rules over it all. Well, truth be told, her existence incorporates it all. We exist in her reality, not the other way around. She has the ability to show you and she will. You will gain much knowledge, much magic, many powers, and the best part is you will finally understand how life works and what it all means. This piece is enlightenment on top of enlightenment and it is yours for the taking. All you have to do is wear the piece and wait for the Lady of the Heavens to snatch you up, just like she with Deedee.