The Lords of Time
The Lords of Time
The Lords of Time

The Lords of Time

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For those of you who are into ancient civilizations and the vast networks of knowledge that they left behind them, this piece is for you. It is a heavy sterling ring with a turquoise stone in the center of it. We got this piece at the Underground Auction. We are glad that we did because it really ends the mystery behind the ancient megalithic structures and spiritual landscapes that were created by the ancestors of the Earth.

Here's the things: the ancients were extremely tuned in the Earth. They were able to discover that the geometry of the Earth and how it is pieced together and creates a sacred connetion between the human experience and the spiritual worlds. They created a science of sacred measures. These were preserved within sacred structures, spiritualized landscapes, and other ancient phenomena that were built by the ancients.

This piece contains esoteric the esoteric knowledge and energy from many of the world's best-known ancient sites. These sites tell a story of four stages of enlightenment. These stages of enlightenment are recorded in ancient works. You will receive these four stages of enlightenment as they have been extracted in energetic form and placed into this physical vessel so that way you can experience them for yourself.

The first stage of enlightenment comes from an astronomical discovery in France around the sites of Carnac. This will awaken a knowledge of sacred geometry and cosmic clockwork to allow you to know how the universe moves and why it moves the way it does.

The second stage comes from Stonehenge in the UK. This gives you the second stage of awakening and introduces the cosmic patterns that are within the Earth's shape. It will open up your mind and allow you to see metrological ratios between the Earth's existence and the existence of the universe as a whole.

The third stage comes from ancient Egypt and Greece. This expands upon the sacred geometry to give you the mind of the divine, which is the mind of the numerical genius who created our universe and all of existence. This will give you a cosmic awakening that will allow you to dig deep into the knowledge of the divine and how to use this knowledge to manifest cosmic magic.

The fourth stage comes from Teotihuacan in Mexico, where the knowledge of sacred structures will become yours. These energies allow you to know how and why these structures are able to attract cosmic energy and translate them into magic. It will allow you to manifest your body as a sacred temple that will do the same thing. These ancient temples were built as living entities based on a knowledge of the human body as a sacred temple of cosmic energy and magic and this is what you will be manifest when you receive the fourth stage of enlightenment.

Altogether, these four stages of awakening will bring you the knowledge of an ancient, elite group of people who also received these four stages of awakening. They are called the Lords of Time. Not only are the Lords of time able to bend and control cosmic energies to their will, but they are able to control time and travel throughout the universe at their own free will. They are also the entities that some people call the Travelers. Those who have been able to master these four stages have become supremely powerful beings, which is what you will also become when this piece allows you to master all four stages and to finally be able to figure out Earth's harmonic relevance to the Universe, and more importantly your own.