The Luciferian Agenda Configured in our Stars
The Luciferian Agenda Configured in our Stars
The Luciferian Agenda Configured in our Stars
The Luciferian Agenda Configured in our Stars
The Luciferian Agenda Configured in our Stars

The Luciferian Agenda Configured in our Stars

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This piece holds an unprecedented type of magic. It was created for certain politicians so that way they could always have protection, despite the fact that they want to deprogram the way that certain people believe. They want to send certain types of people to re-education camps. They say that they are all about unity, but how divisive can they get? Come on, man! The magic that has gone into creating this piece is maintained by a special department of government called the Department of the Unseen. It is called that because they work with magic. While magic cannot be seen, it can definitely be felt.

This piece is one that we received at the Underground Auction. While we are fully aware of this piece was acquired, we cannot get into that here. However, we have told certain people about it, but only those who are truly close to us. Like, you'd have to have known us for years. We have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a loyal person and won't go around telling people our business. Having said that, whoever buys this piece-- and I mean ONLY whoever buys this piece-- will receive all the details about how it was acquired. Again, we'd love to tell you how, but unfortunately, we live in days where free speech is no longer allowed or valued by certain groups.

The piece that we is a silver bracelet with gold on top. There are also jewels on the top. They are aligned in a certain pattern. This pattern corresponds to a certain star group in space. The gold is a map of this section of space where the star cluster is located. Among this star cluster is a satellite. The satellite is called Jehovah in an apocryphal nod to God, who this certain group despises to the utmost. They call it Jehovah because it can see and hear all things that go on in the world. It can zero in on a penny laying on the ground to the point where they would be able to tell what year it was minted.

These pieces are made in all shapes and sizes, but they all contain the same configuration of gems. There is a certain politician that belongs to this group that wears pins constantly. She is always wearing them. If you freeze-frame her and blow her picture up, you will see that the same configuration of gems that is on this piece is also on her pins. When they talk they have certain trigger words that they repeat over and over again-- such as fascist, Nazi, white supremacist, cult member, etc.-- none of which make any sense.

The reason that I'm telling you all this is because you all know the times that are coming. Again, I can't get into too much detail here because they will yank my listing. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they are watching me type this right now. Actually, they aren't because I have the piece in my pocket and it's working for me, but theoretically they could be. It's really scary if you think about it. This certain group of politicians wants nothing more than to know what you are doing at every point in your life at all times because they are afraid of their own fall from power.

The piece that we are offering is a shield. It is a piece of technology that they have developed in secret labs that will not allow their privacy-invading technology to work on you. Look, this mechanism has become so powerful that it can actually release mind control rays into your home. That's why this piece shields not only the person who wears it, but also their home and the people inside of their home.

Another aspect of this bracelet is that it keeps you safe from the Antichrist. This group of politicians in close cahoots with the Antichrist who will usher in the End of Times. They work for him and sometimes they do his bidding. He has agreed to leave only those who are under the protection of this piece shielded against his effect. This means that those who wear the piece will be safe from certain types of plagues and pestilence that the Antichrist and Satan will cause. It will keep people safe from the Luciferian compounds that are in certain treatments to said illnesses.

I'm sure you're shaking your head thinking that this is all a bunch of Star Trek stuff, but I assure you that as sure as I'm sitting here, this stuff is real. This piece will shield you from the thought police. It will keep you safe from mind-control. It will allow you to from the onslaught of evil. It will keep you safe from the Illuminati's alien takeover of the world. They have been in contact with the Reptilians for some time now. We have told you this before. It's only a matter of time before the curtain is dropped and they are revealed for what they are.

Another thing this piece will do for you is allow you to see and locate those who are in the know. When you are wearing this piece those people will appear with a certain aura around their body. It is an orange hue that most likely matches the flames of the bottomless pit where they belong. The Reptilians work with the Antichrist, as well. Some have even taken human form. Don't be fooled as long as you own this piece.

One last thing that this piece will do for you. There is a telepathic connection to a bank of super-human features that is kept by this group. They have been developed and are kept in this bank to create a prototype called the H.O.T., or human of tomorrow. These are fully uploaded androids that function as humans that those in power are able to control They can be provided with supernatural features such as superhuman strength, agility, and speed when needed. It includes full psychic awakening and the ability to connect to celestial modules that will feed your body with metaphysical energy. This energy will keep you healthy and young. More importantly, the piece will allow you to transmute the energy into magic simply by thinking the magic into existence.

This is what we are up against, folks. Don't be caught in the dark without some sort of protection. This is the perfect piece. It's powerful and preventative. Trust me, when the time comes you'll thank us.