The Many Faces of Saint Germain
The Many Faces of Saint Germain
The Many Faces of Saint Germain
The Many Faces of Saint Germain
The Many Faces of Saint Germain

The Many Faces of Saint Germain

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The piece you are receiving is a beautiful sterling silver necklace.

There is not much known about the mysterious man that is called the Compte St. Germain. From here on out I will simply refer to him as Germain. The fact remains that nobody knows his real name because he never really used it. His mere existence is so shrouded in mystery that nobody even really knows when he was born. It was sometime in the late 1600s or early 1700s supposedly, but that was just what was put on the books... that time around.

The truth in the matter is that Germain is not your typical prototype of royalty. He claimed to have been the offspring of Prince Francis of Transylvania and he also claimed to be 500 years old, so that would not have exactly added up. I think what he might have been doing is giving the people answers that they needed so their little heads wouldn't explode once he told them the truth.

The fact of the matter is that Germain is a time-traveling vampire. It's not like he could tell the people that. First, he didn't want people in his business anyhow. Second, it's one thing to tell somebody you are a vampire or a time-traveling. They probably will not believe you. Again, small minds; but, to tell somebody you're both. They'd probably just call the psych ward on you and have you committed.

Nevertheless, Germain was exactly and entirely that. He is a vampiric being that has descended from immortal energies of the universe. These energies come from a place called Negative Space. This is not to denote that on negativity derives from this location, simply that this part of space is not positively charged. It means time stands still, there is no forward momentum.

The vampiric essence of Germain comes not from his need for blood because he hasn't one. Rather, it comes from his need for Cosmic energy, which can be found in blood, but more often than not comes from the leylines of Earth. He occasionally dabbled in blood consumption for sport, but it is not something that he needs to be able to thrive. As I've told you, the only necessity that he has is the Cosmic energy of the universe.

Recently, we received a small packet and within this packet was a powder. It was a bit freaky because we weren't really sure if somebody was trying to anthrax us or what. One time somebody sent us unlabeled sleeping powder because she saw me on video and told me I had dark circles under my eyes. Long story short I opened the envelope and ended up sleeping for 18 hours straight.

This powder was different, though. It was a spiritual essence powder. On the packet that we received it in all it said was fire. So we did what any other normal, unsuspecting human being would have done and we built ourselves a fire and threw the powder into it. The fire began to burn a really weird green color. Holographic images from throughout time began to take shape in the flames, flicker before us like an old nickelodeon.

Then, as if it was no trouble for him at all, Germain began to take form. First, it was his face. His eyes stared back at us. They were intense. This whole process was intense, especially given the fact that he said nothing during the whole materialization process. Deedee had to ID him solely based on psychic impression and even then it was tricky because she was getting images of Jacques St. Germain, the form that Germain took In New Orleans.

In fact, this was not the only image that skated across Deedee's mind. I did not connect with this piece the way she did, but she was telling me what she saw as she saw it. In one form he appeared to her as the Keeper of the Oracle, bathing in the Castilian Spring. In one form he appeared as an aged and bearded philosopher. In another form, he appeared a slender Asian-looking man, perhaps Japanese. All of these forms had some kind of magical power or knowledge associated with them. In other words, there was one head that wore many hats.

Indeed it is the truth that the Compte Saint Germain was a time-traveling vampire. He has seen many times. He existed as a follower of Christ. He existed as a high priest in ancient Egypt. He served as a shaman in South America. He was an immortal vampire in New Orleans. In one life he was even a white wolf that fought of evil in the night. The point is that he is an avid time-traveling and an avid collector of magic.

When he appeared to us in the first, he literally stepped out of the fire and into the mortal realm. He greeted us and told us that he no longer takes mortal forms, but he now lives only in the spiritual form. He prefers it this way because there is less hassle and less work to be done. He is still a master of alchemy, which he was noted for during his bid as Compte Saint Germain. We know all of this because not only was it shown to Deedee when she was connecting to him, but show us his realities with a wave of a hand.

Germain has lived dozens of realities and has taken many different forms. He has seen lifecycles both in and out of human reality meaning there were other realities that he has existed in before coming to Earth after being born in the Negative Space and sent forward into the universe. Nothing is holding him back from achieving what he wants. He is completely free to exist as he pleases and he has done so for many lifecycles until now. Now, he exists a freeform spirit.

Despite all this, he has allowed us to make this piece. This piece holds a very slight portion of his soul that he gave to us in order to make this piece. We do not know who the powder, but thanks to whoever it was that sent it. We would not have been able to make this piece without your contribution. Being a paranormal investigator always has its perks. This was one of them.

We call this piece the Many Faces of Saint Germain because when you bond with this item you will be able to see each and every form that he took. Not only will you be able to see these forms, but you will also be able to take these forms. In doing so you will be able to experience the many forms that he has taken, including acquiring those powers.

We have offered some Saint Germain pieces over the years, but this really lets you connect to him on a personal level, to experience what he has experienced, and to let you use all the magic that he has accrued along the journey. Plus, if there is something that you are looking for that he has not acquired, he can easily go and find it. Just tell him and he will get it done. He loves challenges.