The many lives of Stanlin Waldorf (Philadelphia Experiment)
The many lives of Stanlin Waldorf (Philadelphia Experiment)
The many lives of Stanlin Waldorf (Philadelphia Experiment)
The many lives of Stanlin Waldorf (Philadelphia Experiment)

The many lives of Stanlin Waldorf (Philadelphia Experiment)

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This ring is solid sterling silver and is very primitive in design.  It's a must have.  Trust me. It can be work as a pendant or a ring. 


We've seen a lot of weird things happen in our lifetime, but we surely weren't expecting the ma to show up the way he did, knocking at the office door. He sported a double-breasted navy blue suit. His hair was slicked back and he held a cigar in one hand. He knew on the door and in classic 1940's English, he told us that he traveled far to get to where he was and that he had finally made his journey. We just kind of looked at him like he had lost his marbles. That's when he presented us with the piece that we are offering. however, at the time the energies in the piece were all we needed to be able to feel to understand that what this man was telling up was legit.  


He began by telling us that his name was Stanlin Waldorf, but we could call him Stan. He was one of the original passengers aboard the USS Eldridge when it time traveled during the Philadelphia Experiment. According to Stan some of the others went absolutely mad after the experiment. Some didn't return. Others went ou to a bar only to fully disappear and never be seen again. Others wound up babbling unintelligibly. One went on about the "pretty lights" before jumping to his death. Still, others were found embedded into the hull of the ship. Another one was seemingly fine until one day he walked through a wall in his home and was never heard from again.


Some were fine, but only a few. In fact, recently we have made contact with one entity from the experiment, but that is somebody's personal business so we can't really get into it right now. These other entities should consider themselves lucky to even be alive, because as Stanlin has told us, the government has gone after the few remaining survivors of the Philadelphia Experiment, even going as far as to assassinate survivors if they had. They didn't want word to get out, but it eventually did. The first time the ship "disappeared" was in 1943 while it was part of a convoy out at sea. It was witnessed to go invisible, but in all actuality, the ship was time-traveling.


However, what happened later that month takes the cake. The USS Eldridge was docked in the Philadelphia Shipyard. Stanlin very adamantly recounted being aboard the ship when he felt the energies of the ship begin to change. It began to feel creepy still ad it wasn't long before it felt as though his skin was melting away. Next thing he knew he was fly full course through the universe at speeds that he said could have shattered his bones. While this happened, Stanlin lived three complete lives. One he lived as a high-priest in Egypt. Another, he lived as a druid who practiced ancient magic in the Black Forest of Germany. The third life was that of a sea-faring Viking called a Runemaster, who studied and implemented the magic of the ancient Viking runes.  


He literally lived three entire lives and then as if nothing had ever happened he wound up in Norfolk, Virginia some 200 miles away. It was present-day and despite that, he carried his memories and magical abilities with him. In Norfolk is when he began to notice that things had not gone so smoothly for some. when the time was propelled and the ship was sent to Virginia, the matter had tried to occupy matter and some humans had gotten in the way. Well, ship hulls don't bleed, but humans do. He recanted that the whole place looked like a scene from a violent horror movie and he recalls that men who were his shipmates and women who were nurses aboard the ship had become marled with the struct that was the ship when they both tried to re-materialize in the same place.  


As for Stan, he got lucky. As if that wasn't enough, this awkward and weird occurrence happened again. This time he traveled back to Colonial Virginia where he learned the secrets of the Croatoan and the mysterious disappearance of an entire village. He also lived aboard a ship as a pirate captain who had amassed quite a bit of wealth energies and treasure along the way. He had a pegleg and rotted teeth, but other than that had done pretty well for himself. Those were the only two lives he could remember living that time before the ship returned to Philadelphia Shipyard, again, as if nothing had ever happened.  


To make matters stranger even though he had lived five lifetimes and remained in Norfolk for half a day, not a second had dwindled when he found himself safely docked back in the Philly Shipyard. He admitted that he could have lived even more lifetimes than what he could recall, but those were the ones that he could remember. He also noted the presence of more deceased at the return of Eldridge to the shipyard. One of the abilities that Stanlin had received during his final lifetime, before being whisked back to Philadelphia had given him immortality, which is how he managed to stay alive and in such good shape to this day. he hasn't aged a bit.  


The government attempted to round up all those involved in the experiment and enjoyed quite some success. There were only a few who got away, Stan being one of them and he said something about a nurse that also made it back alive and mentally sound. All of them that had survived had been given some sort of magical power during the time-traveling trip. The government knew that and they wanted those powers to themselves and for the most part, they have succeeded. The whole point of the ship jumping around like that was the fact that the government was attempting to expedite time travel. they did, but to say they had complete and total control over it at that point would be a fallacy. Other experiments perfected what was learned in Philadelphia.  


It all boils down to this-- while the Philadelphia Experiment was a botched job some gained a lot from the experience. Such was Stanlin. He became an ultra magical being in the process, able to transcend time in the blink of an eye. He gained lifetimes worth of magic and abilities that will stay with him forever, wherever he goes. It all just goes to prove that time is illusory and it was created by humans. All-time happens and exists at once, it just overlaps itself. It's really hard to understand, I ko, but hopefully, the piece that we are offering helps to clear that up. It is a piece that comes from Stanlin.  


This piece holds the energies of the original Philadelphia time-travel event, but he has perfected it himself. He has made sure that the kinks were worked out and that it works the way you would expect it to work. With this piece, you will be able to travel anywhere, time, or place you want to go. While this seems to be the biggest hit with this piece, what I personally find more intriguing is that, like Stanlin, you will be able to live entirely full lives in other places and then come back to your own reality with m]