The Nails that Pierced Christ
The Nails that Pierced Christ
The Nails that Pierced Christ
The Nails that Pierced Christ

The Nails that Pierced Christ

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Was Christ pierced with three nails or four? It is a topic that has been up for debate since the earliest of times after Christ's death was a mere memory. I'd imagine that the people who witness the whole thing would probably know the answer, but there clearly aren't any of those left. This piece is not going to solve that mystery. Rather, it will solve another mystery that has been unsolved all of these years. In fact, the mystery itself wasn't solved until roughly 30 years ago.

In 1990, two nails were found in an ossuary marked, "Caiaphas" outside of Jerusalem. Two of the nails that were used to hang Christ to the cross were reportedly found in a box close to the one from which Caiaphas' remains were exhumed. It has been reported that these nails were the ones that were used to crucify Christ, thus ending an ages-old mystery as to what happened to the nails after Jesus was taken down from the cross to be laid in the tomb from which he rose again in three days. Or, did it really solver the mystery?

I'd say not, because unfortunately even when dealing with some of the holiest and divine artifacts, the people who discovered the nails were being less than honest. There were three nails found in Caiaphas' ossuary, not two. Also, it is interesting to note that there were not four found. There were just three. What does this mean? You could assume that since a fourth nail wasn't found that it only took three nails to hang Jesus' frail body to the cross. Also, this means that while the first two nails were sent to appropriate reliquaries, the third nail is still somewhere out there in the world.

I guess I should have mentioned this sooner, but in case you didn't pass "Bible History 101", Caiaphas was the High Priest that presided over Jesus' crucifixion. He was part of the Sadducee sect of Jews, who were the wealthiest of the people in Jerusalem. Jesus' teachings interfered with their agenda and that is the reason why they had him sentenced to death. Ultimately, this stuff had to happen for Jesus to be sacrificed. That is for another story. However, it is important to know who Caiaphas is to understand where the nails of Jesus went and why it became such a hidden secret. Caiaphas was present when the skies turned dark and Jesus Christ called out to his Father in Heaven. This is why he took the nails containing Jesus' blood. The reason he kept it secret was that had the Sadduccees found out they would have charged him with being a follower of Christ. His fate probably would not have been much happier than the one Jesus himself had suffered.

Having said all that, Caiaphas somehow managed to have these nails buried with him. The rumor states that Caiaphas thought that these nails would give him extraordinary powers in the afterlife. He could not have been more wrong. Nothing and nobody can give you greatness in the afterlife, save for God. What he should have known is that the nails, with the Christ Blood, would have brought him great power in the material world, had he realized the powers that they possessed. However, it is also rumored that once the Crucifixion of Jesus passed, Caiaphas fancied himself with morbidity concerning death and what might happen to him for crucifying God's only begotten son. He was too focused on death to realize the great power he had inherited in life.

Present-day, the nails of Caiaphas have been uncovered. Two were submitted to satisfy historical obligations. where, then, has the third gone? it was acquired by the modern-day Sadducees. you don't hear much about them these days, as the sect has long been believed to have died off. Wrong! They still exist and they are part of a Zionist group of Jews who are secretly plotting to take over the world. They have laid claim to the third nail. And why not? Are they not Jews just like Jesus was. The thing is, that they do not have the best intentions in using the piece. Therefore, they will not be able to harness the full powers of the nail and the blood of Christ that was found upon the artifact. Blood or not blood, Jesus is not going to simply sit back and be content to watch a group of "his own people" destroy the world that his Father created whereto he is to return at the End of Times. To bad for them. They'll never get on board. They are overzealous and nothing they ever have will be good enough for them. We are talking about the Sadduccees, of course, not all Jews.

The third nail has been used to make all sorts of small, but equally significant artifacts. For instance, it has allowed this piece to be created. We had to go undercover and take the forms of prominent members of their society in order to infiltrate the Zionists, but we managed and what we saw was nothing short of amazing. We were invited to sit a table on which was a gold basin. The leader of the circle told us that we were all in for a treat this day. He then presented the nail and explained what it was to gasps of shock and surprise. He haughtily informed them that this wasn't it. He then plunged the nail into his own hand, drawing a significant amount of blood. In fact, the blood began flowing, so much so that I began to wonder if he was going to pass out. He bled enough to fill the basin before us halfway, after which he muttered a few words of Aramaic. The blood began to boil and the Earth upon which we sat began to shake. Out of the blood arose a collection of nails.

The High Priest in charge of this ceremony laughed a frenzied laugh and called out that his blood was Christ's own blood and the nails were Christ's own nails. Each of the people at the meeting was awarded one of the nails. Evidently the power of the nail had the ability to transform this guy's blood and to create new nails that hold equal powers to the ones that were found in the original, which were the powers of the Christ Blood. We also received two of these nails. One, because I was there and a second one because Deedee was there. We are keeping one of them and we are offering this one. It is encased, but the nail that you are getting holds the blood of Christ-- and it is powerful.  It is a smaller replica of the original. 

When you own this piece you will be given a true Christ Blood Ascension. This is a very rare gift that allows you to ascend into Heaven in the manner Christ did. You will, of course, be in your spiritual form. When you ascend into Heaven with this piece you will be treated as if you are Christ's equal, which is new, because while we have offered a ton of pieces that have allowed you to travel to Heaven, I don't believe we have ever offered a piece that allowed you to be on an equal platform as christ. You will be able to explore Heaven as if you were Christ. You will be able to set your eyes upon the Face of God. Yes, this piece allows you to see upon his face, whereby you will be able to see into his eyes. They hold the universe and the knowledge thereof. You will be able to gaze into his eyes and to see the knowledge of the universe that he has created. You will know all white light magic and it shall be laid upon your soul and you will be given the ability to control it all. You will be taken to the Ark of the Covenant, and to the crystal pyramid, and to the many mansions to receive their magic and to make it your own. You will be given the ability to call upon all angels. You will be given the ability to summon these angels to Earth for their powers and their magic. This piece is the onset of perfection and white light magic.

To begin with this piece, you first meditate with it. I understand that this might seem a little bit underwhelming at first. There are a lot of pieces that must begin with meditation. This is because these magical pieces, they give off pertinent energies. You must allow your mind to receive these energies, which means you must meditate with them. However, once the energies of this piece enter your mind and they are able to connect to your soul, you are going to take off like a rocket, flying through all the magic this piece has to offer. I mean, this is the blood of Christ we are dealing with. He is the son of the Maker. How much more powerful could it get? That's rhetorical. Just know that this piece will give you an ascendence and a spiritual existence, unlike anything you have ever experienced!