The Neuschutzstaffel Transformative Enlightenment
The Neuschutzstaffel Transformative Enlightenment
The Neuschutzstaffel Transformative Enlightenment
The Neuschutzstaffel Transformative Enlightenment
The Neuschutzstaffel Transformative Enlightenment

The Neuschutzstaffel Transformative Enlightenment

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I'm sure that many of you have heard of the Hollow Earth Theory.  Having said that, I'm sure that many of you haven't really taken it that seriously.  After reading the description of this piece I'm sure that you will change your mind about it.  I mean, you'd almost have to because the magic in these pieces hold irrefutable evidence that there is an "underworld".  This underworld, in fact, is unfortunately ruled by the Nazis.  Now, I say unfortunately because that Nazis did terrible things while they were living on the Earth.  I'm not defending them or saying that anything they did was alright, but they have since changed their ways.  This is thanks, in part, to the magic that was created by Heinrich Himmler and Wilhelm Kube.

Kube was assassinated in Minsk in 1943.  Heinrich Himmler committed suicide in 1945 after his identity was exposed and he was arrested by British Officers.  Before that, the two collaborated on a type of magic that would allow them to colonize the Hollow Earth.  Not only this, but they developed a type of necromancy that would allow them to resurrect their fallen comrades in arms.  This was accomplished through a type of soul alchemy that they developed while slaughtering jews by the dozens inside of the Wewelsburg Castle.  The Wewelsburg castle might be a museum these days, but before it was a museum it was a property that was taken over by the Nazis.  It was to be redeveloped as a secret SS based where genetic experimentation and other types of processes could be undertaken.  Once established, the base was to be called the Center of the World, which drew a parallel to the other projects they were undertaking on a different plane of reality, the underworld.  

For Kube, Minsk was never supposed to be a permanent city.  His plans for that place were to demolish whatever he found there and to reestablish a German Settlement over which he could rule.  Those plans obviously fell through when he was assassinated, so once he died the plans became grander.  He was resurrected by his dear friend Heinrich Himmler who bade him not to leave Wewelsburg Castle for fear that news of what they had the ability to do would spread and eventually fall into the hands of foreign agents.  Together, using magic they developed with Jewish blood rituals they were able to contact and summon a race of extraterrestrials that gave them a bit of knowledge, including how to travel to the Underworld or the Center of the Earth.  

I know that it seems entirely unrelated to talk about blood rituals and aliens in the same breath.  It is not though.  I've told you all before, the blood that runs through our veins is powerful and it holds concentrated energies of the cosmos.  Think about, we live our days constantly exposed to energies that have permeated our stratosphere.  These energies come from the sun, the stars, and other planetary bodies.  Cosmic magic exists within all of us.  Besides, it would have happened sooner or later.  These aliens that gave the Nazis their secrets are the same ones that gave the Pyramids to the ancient Egyptians and sent the Annunaki to the Sumerians, among other things.  They gave the Nazis the technology necessary to be able to travel to Middle Earth.  Here they established base city that they called Neuschwabenland and which has also been called Asgard.  It is called Asgard simply because of the fact that the German settlement that Kube planned on creating was to also be called Asgard.

In this new settlement, the Nazis were able to defy death.  Even after the war, the Nazis have learned to live on in their new settlement.  They were smuggled into land using magic that was given to them by Heinrich Himmler.  Sure, he committed suicide when he was captured, but for these powerful Germans, death has become more of a reset button than anything.  Kube was able to repay his old friend and bring him back from the dead the way his friend has brought him back.  Together they ruled Asgard, summoning and bringing their Nazi comrades back to life.  They went to work developing all sorts of new magic and it was easier because at middle Earth there is more magic to be had.  There are openings at both through which the energies of the universe are emitted.  They have built a city in the underworld that includes pyramids twice as big as the one in Giza.  It holds gateways to other dimensions and other universes.  The people that live there do so in perfect health and they do not age.  They have become a true Aryan Race.  

In the first years of Asgard Kube and Himmler would award their most fruitful admirals with tokens of appreciations.  This was done in the same way that Himmler would issue the Death's Head Ring during the war as an award for exceptional service.  These elites became known as the Neueschutzstaffel or the NSS.  The first of these tokens of appreciation that were delivered were leftover from Wewelsburg Castle and the previous war.  These were considered the most prized of the awarded piece because they came from die Top-Welt or the Top World.  They were pieces that were empowered by Himmler and Kuge before their resurrection, so they were considered more powerful and well-seasoned.  They are the anchors for the magic that has grown in Asgard since its founding in the 1940s.  These rings held extraordinary magic and many forms of magic at that, but each one of them held a very solid, primary form of magic.  Each one of them differed in what they offered.  Each one was created by the hands of Himmler, the mastermind behind German Magic.  

At the Black Bazaar, Deedee was able to score two of these rings.  Each one came from one of the top admirals for the Neuschutzstaffel.  As I said, the Nazis have changed and have grown into their own Aryan race.  They have grown in enlightenment and power.  Each of these rings contains many forms of magic that were placed into them during blood rituals.  Blood alchemy, the sorcery of magic, resurrecting the souls of the dead, casting dual-magic spells, creating spirit golems, full psychic awakening, and many others will become yours when you connect to this ring.  However, each one of them does hold specific magic as well that is unique to its own ring.  Below you will find what each one of them entails.  

Ring with the Iron Cross and a Swastika-- The special power that is in this piece is a third eye connection to the Asgardian Pyramid.  There are many pyramids in Asgard, but there is only one that is referred to as the Asgardian Pyramid.  It is the most powerful pyramid in Asgard.  This pyramid holds ancient knowledge and magic that is sacred to the extraterrestrials who gave them the information on how to create their new civilization.  Only certain people are allowed to access this information.  This is because the magic is that powerful.  The pyramid functions as the brain of the entire Middle Earth and has become a hub for magic, similar to the way the Great Pyramid of Giza has on Earth.  This is a more powerful replication of that pyramid.  It is also more modern and protected much better.  So, only people with authorization can access it.  A small select group has been given pieces that allow them to remotely enter this pyramid using their third eye connection.  This pyramid holds ancient magic never seen before including something called assimilation of the soul, which allows your soul to become one with the soul of existence, which is technically millions of souls at one time and to live through them, to know what they know and to see what they see.  This isn't the only magic, but it is one that comes to mind.  

Ring with SS on a Campaign Shield--  This piece is a little bit simpler to understand, but also very powerful.  During his lifetime Hitler became obsessed with the concept of the Whitelight Brotherhood.  He thought of himself as a great profit who had come to the Earth to create an Aryan Race.  Thus, he thought that he was going to become part of this Great Whitelight Brotherhood.  He hasn't become part of this brotherhood and doubtfully ever will.  However, with the magic in this piece, it allows you to experience a spiritual ascension that will allow you to become part of the Whitelight Brotherhood.  These are also known as the Ascended Master and include the likenesses of Jesus, Mohammed, Gautama Buddha, Mary Mother of Jesus, Hilarion, Enoch, Paul the Venetian, Kwan Yin, Saint Germain, Kuthumi, and others.  Their knowledge will become your knowledge as you ascend into their sphere of enlightenment and pure white light knowledge.  You will be able to manifest this knowledge and all of their magic in your mortal form on Earth, as well as in the Realm of the Ascent, which is where they reside.