The Night Walker
The Night Walker

The Night Walker

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This piece is of Italian origin. It is a vintage sterling silver crucifix pendant that holds the powers and energies of the highest classes of angels, known as the Thrones. These are the angels who live in God's glory. They were literally born of his essence and they feed off of the energy like young animal nurses from its mother. They know they hold the true essence of God.

Padre Piero knew this and that is why he summoned the presence of an angel into this piece in the first place. Padre Piero was once an esteemed member of the Catholic church until he found out why Pope Benedict abdicated. He found out what is really at the center of the Church and he didn't like it. He went rogue, but when he did all of the items that were given to him by the Vatican were null and void. None of them worked to drive out demons or unclean spirits, so he had to turn to his own devices.  He walked the streets by night healing people and driving out demons, among other magical feats.  he has done this all over the world, which has earned him the name NIght Walker.

This piece was made by the will of God. He gave Piero permission to summon one of the THrones and put it into this piece. The angel's name is not important and we do not know it. What's important is what this piece can do. This piece holds extreme, extreme protection. It will allow you to cast out demons and unclean spirits. It will fight and remove all the evil in your life.

I know you're probably like "Oh, cool. Another white light protection piece." The fact is that this is NOT just a protection piece. It is an exorcism relic that will allow you to defeat whatever enemy you happen to be up against. It will work during exorcisms, but it will also help you to defeat any and all spiritual enemies that you have, without failure, period.

On top of all that, this piece will give you a better understanding of the divine. This is because thrones live in the presence of God. They know his essence and they know his magic. They will pass this information onto you when you wear this item. It can be used to bring any white light power or ability that you want to life. It does this will the white light essence and the white flame of the Holy Ghost.