The Oralce Eye of Spirits

The Oralce Eye of Spirits

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This is a vintage piece that has been empowered by the Ba'al Shem. You may not know it, but the Ba'al Shem often takes physical form through harmless possession of bodies, some willing and some not. Either way, he returns to the mortal realm often. I guess he has some unfinished business? I don't know.  


What I do know is that we have summoned him while he was in physical form on more than one occasion for help locating difficult-to-reach spirits. Finally, he helped us make this piece so we could find the spirits we needed without also needing his help in the process. We call this piece the Oracle Eye of Spirits.  


In the center of this piece is the "eye". When you use this piece the eye will search the entirety of creation for whatever spirit you are trying to summon. It will then bring them directly to you. You can use this piece solo or with a friend. You can use it for mere communication with spirits. Or, you can use it to conjure spirits who can grant you knowledge, magic, or things of metaphysical value.