The Phenomenal Kitty Clencher
The Phenomenal Kitty Clencher

The Phenomenal Kitty Clencher

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This piece is a vintage cat piece with green eyes made of rhinestones.


Look Cyndi Lauper was right, okay? Girls really do just want to have fun. That is why we created this piece with the blood of a siren called Feoditis. Why did we choose this piece you ask? Well, what is more playful and innocent than a kitten, am I right?

Look, this piece is for the ladies. We just offered one for the fellas and we really don't want to be discriminatory here. The PC Police are watching! I mean they're everywhere these days. Just know that this piece is HEAVY on the sex and seduction magic. I mean, this piece will allow you to emit pheromones that men will be able to pick up like police dogs can smell fresh blood. You will intoxicate them with your very scent, allowing you to essentially have the pick of the brood no matter what brood you happen to walk into.

This piece will allow you to move in ways that you never knew were possible. You will gain an arsenal of robust sexual power that will allow you to be as feminine and dainty or dominatrix as you please. You are in control. You call the shots. You will be able to deliver mind-blowing orgasms that will keep the fellas crawling back for more... that is if you want them.

And since we know that vaginas are made of highly elastic tissue, we understand that they might need some work from time to time. Kegels don't always cut, ladies. That's why we have put a magic into this piece called the kitty clencher. This piece will have your lady-part toned and ready to bone. The people with whom you escapade will wonder how they are ever going to park their semi in your one-car garage. Again, this makes for great enjoyment on both parts and will keep them calling. This piece is truly phenomenal.