The Resurrection Ring:  Father Bernhard's Saga
The Resurrection Ring:  Father Bernhard's Saga
The Resurrection Ring:  Father Bernhard's Saga
The Resurrection Ring:  Father Bernhard's Saga

The Resurrection Ring: Father Bernhard's Saga

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Father Bernhard is not like any other Catholic priest you will ever meet in your life. He is definitely not part of the establishment if you want to call it that. He is part of the opposition. He thinks organized religion is a crock of you-know-what and he is very keen to tell you. Well, he was keen to tell you before he passed away about a year ago.

Now, I don't want you to be sad about Father Bernhard passing away. It was his time. I mean, hundreds of years after his birth and he is finally able to enjoy some eternal shut-eye. And what more is that Father Bernhard has his own special place in Heaven-- a nice "fluffy cloud" if you will far away from anything else. He likes it that way.

Bernhard was born sometime in the 1600s in Germania when the German states were still part of the Holy Roman Empire. That was before the stuff hit the fan. He wasn't a particularly nice type of person, nor was a valiant person who you would go to for advice. He was somewhat of a drunk and by somewhat I mean to say that he would get sloshed every single day of his life.

That lasted until he was about 45 years old when he was greeted with an epiphany. He nearly died of cirrhosis, but they didn't know what that was back then, so if you would have known Bernhard to ask him, we would have told you that he was touched by the Angel of Death, marked if you will. I'll give it to him, though. He isn't far off. What really happened is that he was visited by Gabriel and given a second chance at life.

In return for his second chance at life, Father Bernhard was given immortality. He was given this immortality because he was also giving the daunting task of exorcising a total of 200 demons out of human bodies. A path for him to join the Catholic Church was created by Gabriel and the funniest part of it all was he was not able to drink alcohol ever again. I don't mean he couldn't stomach it or he didn't like it. He physically could not drink alcohol. It was rather amusing to see.

Through joining the Catholic church and officially becoming Father Bernhard, he was able to catch wind of the demonically possessed. He began his journey, but he had to learn the hard way that it wasn't going to be an easy one. Good thing for him his body was made virtually indestructible when he was offered his second chance, so the possessed people beat him up quite a bit, but he never suffered mortally. I'm sure it was a big old pain in the behind, but nothing that would threaten his life, because God made it unable to be threatened. So, his second chance was also his curse, or so he would tell us.

He actually caught on to the demon out-casting process pretty quickly, but he was visited by Gabriel again shortly thereafter and given a piece that would help him. It's called the Resurrection Ring. The Resurrection Ring helped Father Bernhard in his goings-on because it has the ability to summon any sainted individual for their powers. There are many saints with powers that are exceptional. In his beginning days, Bernhard had a bit of a difficult time learning about the saints that he could conjure for their powers, but he said as time went on it became progressively easier. Once the internet arrived he was marveled by how easy it was to search up the name of a saint and their powers or search for a saint that could help you with a particular power.

Overtime, Bernhard purposely changed the appearance of the ring that Gabriel had given to him. He had long stopped associating with the Catholic Church. They'd have grown nosey as to his immortal disposition anyway. However, there were those that caught word of Father Bernhard and he became known as Damonenfresser, which literally means demon eater in German. It's a pretty cool name, but these same people also caught wind of the Demonenfresser's special ring that could pretty much vanquish any being on Earth, while access the powers of the immortal saints in Heave. Naturally, they became jealous and Father Bernhard had to start regularly fighting them off, as well as still searching out possessed people to fulfill his commitment.

Long story short, Father Bernhard's saga finally came to an end about a year ago, when he finally bagged his last demon. He was immediately given ascension into Heaven, where he was given a powerful angelic transformation into that of an archangel comparable in power to even Michael himself. As for his ring-- this is the one! This is the Ring of Resurrection. This is the last form that Bernhard made for his ring. It was the last form that the ring took. It is a solid sterling and vintage piece, with a cross on the face of it. Bernhard didn't like overwhelming visuals. He was German through and through. He liked simplicity. He likes basic. There's nothing wrong with not needing to live over the top. I mean, especially when you are searching out 1,500 demons.

Anyway, this ring gives you the same magic that it gave Bernhard. Of course, these days there are quite a few more sainted people. You can use this ring to resurrect their presence from the dead. You will gain their knowledge and their power. On top of this, the piece will actually allow you to call forth the presence of angels, too. It will grant you a connection to the Holy Spirit that will allow you to cast miracles upon people. It allows you to speak with the authority of Jesus Christ, in order to drive out demons. Trust me, if you're going to exorcise anything you will need that authority! This piece also gives you an exclusive connection to Archangel Bernhard. He will guide you along your journey to spiritual excellence and magical dominance.