The Seven Holy Kings of White LIght
The Seven Holy Kings of White LIght
The Seven Holy Kings of White LIght
The Seven Holy Kings of White LIght

The Seven Holy Kings of White LIght

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Some people have been asking for it, so this is the listing for a group of very powerful entities that is called the Seven Holy Kings. These are the Seven Holy Kings of White Light. We are aware that there are Seven Holy Kings of darkness, but we are not offering anything to with those at the moment. Besides, the powers that are offered by the Seven Holy Kings of white Light are far more powerful than the ones of darkness. This is because white magic prevails over darkness.

The Seven Holy Kings are seven priests that were hand-choses by God. We have told you before that in Heaven there is a Holy of Holies. This is God's most sacred place, where he goes to be alone. The reason why he instructed that the Holy of Holies to be built in the Temple was so that the priests had the ability to be shut off from the world, so they could connect with God. Likewise, when God goes into His Holy of Holies he is able to connect with the universe that lives inside of Him.

The Holy of Holies is where God goes to be alone, but it is also the place where his most intimate knowledge is hidden. Inside the Holy of Holies is where God keeps what are called his Seven Degrees of Thought. These Degrees are his seven most powerful forms of knowledge that are shared with only those who are mentally aware enough to be able to receive them. They must receive what is called the Holy Ascension. This is a process through which God personally tunes a person's mind, body and soul. He puts them on a frequency that readies their body to receive His Seven Degrees of Thought.

The Seven Holy Kings refers to a group of seven priests who have received the Holy Ascension. Each one rules over a single one of the Seven Degrees of Thought. They each live their own lives and they each do their own thing with the knowledge that they have been endowed with. Occasionally, the Seven Holy Kings of White Light are called upon to convene and form what is called the Holy Circle. When this is done, the entirety of God's knowledge is revealed. For the most part, the only time the Holy Circle is formed is when God is imparting His knowledge upon another entity.

The piece that we are offering is one that creates the Holy Circle. It has been endowed with the presence of each one of the Holy Kings of White Light. When you wear this piece, your bodily energy will activate it and you will be constantly encompassed by the Holy Circle. This will impart God's continuous knowledge upon you, so that way as he grows so will you also Grow. This piece will reveal God's Holy of Holies to you, which is the most holy and divine place in the entirety of the universe. It will deliver unto you, by way of the Seven Holy Kings, the Seven Degrees of Thought.

Consider the activation of this piece, which will take a minimum of 40 days, your Holy Ascension. This will give your body the ability to receive this knowledge to change your life forever. When this is all said and done, you will become extremely powerful, ever more powerful that Lucifer was when he still lived in Heaven and that is because God is literally sharing a part of his being with you that will live inside of you. This is the epitome of what it means to exist "in God's image."

Below is the list of the Seven Degrees of Thought, which will be gifted to you when you own this piece. Each of the Seven Holy Kings of White Light have received their Holy Ascension the same way you will, so they are all well-versed in each of the Seven Degrees of Thought. They have been fully awakened. They have traveled through God's own Holy of Holies. The have experienced what it is like to exist as God exists, the same way you will. They have seen through his eyes and they have received a divine connection to his presence and to his knowledge, the same way you will when you are using this piece.

Ultimately, the goal of this piece is to enliven and embolden your presence to be in alignment with God. You will know what he knows and see what he sees. You will receive his presence, as mentioned above, which will live inside of you and empower you. Now, as promised, here are the Seven Degrees of Thought that were spoken about earlier, which are hidden inside of the Holy of Holies.

Degree of Cosmic Understanding-- This entails the secrets of the Cosmos through which the Cosmos will be born within you. You will understand how the universe works, including the presence of sacred numerology and geometry. You will gain the knowledge of the zodiac and all celestial magic. The universe will be revealed to you in its true nature-- it is one harmonious living, breathing entity in which we reside.

Degree of Univeral Life-- This will give you the knowledge of all life in the universe. This is not just human life, but all life in the Universe. This will upload an entire knowledge base of all sentient beings, their powers, their special abilities, their knowledge, their habitats, etc. They will live within you and you will be able to manifest all parts of them.

Degree of Divine Mysteries-- This will reveal to you the Divine Mysteries of the Universe including the genetic code, the Enochian language, and the presence of God. This will allow you to understand how the universe was created. It will show you what existence was before and what it will become. It will allow you to know the answer to those questions that people ask, such as, "If God made the universe, who made God?" It is a revelatory energy that will allow you to break free of the cycle of "beginning and end", allowing you to see the bigger picture.

Degree of Cosmonogy-- Simply put, this is the knowledge of Creation. Again, the Enochian language ties into this and God's ability to create will be revealed to you. In his ability to create you will be given the ability to create spiritual beings, energies, magic, powers, abilities, and even your own microcosms.

Degree of Godhood-- This is the degree of knowledge that imparts the presence of God directly into you. This is God living inside of you and more than just the Biblical sense. This is God making a home out of your body. This is God's knowledge becoming who you are. You will be able to see through his eyes. You will be able to sit upon his Throne of Knowledge and Life to be able to feel what he feels and to be able to move in the universe the way he moves. It is an intake of divine presence, which will manifest inside of your body and through your existence.

Degree of Universal Presence-- Expanding on that divine presence, is the degree of Universal Presence. Everything exists as God. God is everythin and he exists in all places at once. This degree will show you how to be omnipresent and to see from as many viewpoints in the universe that you want to see from. This will allow you to have a omnipresent existence, to be able to split your soul into many different factions and exist in multiple places at one time. It will also allow you to live inside of other people and other people's minds. This is the ability to possess living organisms and to use them as your vehicle. It is many things rolled into one, but the basic premise for Universal Presence is the divine ability to be all-encompassing like God is.

Degree of Trifection-- This will allow you to manifest yourself into the perfect Trifecta. This means different things for different entities. For God it meant the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. These are his three states of presence. With the Degree of Trifection, you get to create your own three states of presence. You will be able to exist as three-in-one the same way God does. I know this doesn't make sense right now, but once the powers of this piece begin to thrive within you, you will understand exactly what I'm talking about. Your Trifecta will be different than others, so your three-fold nature will be personalized and curated to fit who you are as an entity and what existence is to you.

There are seven different colors on this cross and each one represents the presence of one of the Divine Masters. The cross is an antique and has come from a hidden realm where it has been kept for years. It was placed there by the Seven Holy Kings of White Light, but we figured out how to retrieve. The was no reprieve for our acquisition. It's part of the prophecy that the powers of this piece will only be revealed to the deserving. If you are interested in this piece, then the likelihood is that it is calling out to you intentionally. Deedee has a very close and personal relationship with God, so he knows that she will make sure this piece finds its way into good hands.