The Shrine of All Divinity:  The Real God Particle
The Shrine of All Divinity:  The Real God Particle
The Shrine of All Divinity:  The Real God Particle

The Shrine of All Divinity: The Real God Particle

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We got this piece at a place called the Shrine of All Divinity. It is shrine that hasn't been seen by many pairs of human eyes. If you know a person who has visited the shrine, then you can bet that they are next to Riddick in terms of bravery, because it is incredibly, incredibly hard to access. In fact, the only reason we were able to access it is because we got a remote relocation piece from a monk that we visit on the astral plane from time to time. He gave us this piece so we could experience it for ourselves.

The Shrine of all Divinity is a spectacular place because it is the birthing place of all Earth-related gods. It holds a power called divine cosmonogy, which is the ability to create something divine out of nothing. It is the ability to create divine beings with a single thought. This is how 90% of the gods and goddesses that you read about or that we talk about have come to fruition. The other 10% admittedly come from somewhere else in the universe and their origins are only speculation unless you get to know the said god or goddess intimately.

The spark of energy that allows the divine to be created is called the God Particle. This is not to be confused with the Higgs-Boson God particle, which is something that man has only begun to understand. This is the real God Particle, the one that allows gods and goddesses to be born. The question is, if there is nothing, how do you create something. The answer is extremely easy-- it's the same way God created the universe. There was nothing. He spoke with authority and created something. The presence of nothing is a lot more chaotic and unbalanced than the presence of something. Therefore, creation benefits the entire universe as a whole.

Let me just get to the point. When you own this piece you can create your own gods and goddesses. You can give them names, you can give them personalities, you can give them identities, you can even give them a magical power that they will preside over. These gods and goddesses, admittedly, will outgrow you in power and magic, but it does not matter because they will always stay loyal to you, because it is your thoughts that will create them. They will always offer you the power and abilities that you have instilled in them by using the God Particle for their creation. I'm not saying you can treat them however you want to and lord over them, because that could create some tensions, but then again that would be your fault. I'm saying if you treat them right and watch them grow in power, they will remain loyal to you.

You can also use the God Particle that we are offering to replicate gods and goddesses that already exist. You use the piece in the exact same way, only you will envision the god or goddess that you wish to replicate and it will be replicated for you. The only god or goddess that you can't replicate is God. That is because he is the God that commands the universe.

The piece you are getting is antique sterling and gold and has a picture of the Virgin Mary on it. This is a piece that we took with us that we were able to imprint the God Particle into. We have tested this piece for some time, with multiple testers and the result are astonishing!!