The Society of the Golden Key
The Society of the Golden Key
The Society of the Golden Key

The Society of the Golden Key

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The picture for this piece was extracted from a Youtube video that shows the piece in far more detail.  That video can be seen by using the following link:


I love this piece because I am a sucker for a good secret society piece.  The best part about this piece is that we didn’t even have to go on an investigation to get this piece.  We worked out an even trade with an Acolyte of a secret society that is based out of Indianapolis.  The secret society includes folks from all walks of life n all states with the USA, but their HQ and the place from where they retrieve their magic is Indianapolis.  I’ll tell you why.  

Thousands of people visit city market in Indy every day.  However, few would ever realize that below their feet are miles of subterranean passageways called the City Market Catacombs.  The story that you will be told if you ask is that the catacombs were a way to help vendors keep their meat fresher in the summertime in years before air conditioning existed.  However, as per usual, we can pretty much just go ahead and write that off as false.  

The truth is that in the 1800s when Indianapolis was on its come up, a group of magically adept people started a secret society that was nameless at first.  After a while, the group named itself the Society of the Golden Key.  They subscribed to particular types of magic.  This type of magic, while not necessarily dark or evil, required sacrifices and blood rituals.  Sometimes humans would be used.  Sometimes animals would be used, but the show went on.  

The catacombs have since been opened up and used as a tourist attraction, but even still they are only open certain days by request and the tours that do happen are heavily monitored by unknown members of the society that are stationed in order to keep people from discovering the most powerful part of the underground tunnel network.  The most powerful part of the catacombs is an extension that goes on for about a quarter-mile.  The passageway to these rooms is dimly lite and narrow.  If feels as though you are entering a dungeon.  

On the left and the right, there are doors that lead to small closets.  These are called Infusion rooms and there are around 70 of them.  Each of the rooms was created by the Society of the Golden Key, so that way members of the society can become enlightened in different types of magic. Each of the rooms was created using a blood ritual and each of the powers was handpicked by the elders of the society.  The infusions themselves come from the ancient goddess Ishtar, who I’m sure you know is also the ancient goddess Isis, who some also call the divine feminine.  She is the goddess of all magic and knows 99% of all magic there is to know. 

Being infused was no simple process.  First, only certain rooms are active at certain times due to constellation alignments.  Then, when the rooms are ready, the initiate must spend three days in the room without food or water prior to being “resurrected” into their new power.  These aren’t your everyday abilities and powers.  For instance, you won’t catch a room for love or luck.  Rather, these are deep-rooted and deep-seated powers and abilities.  I will not list them all but some of them include full and total mind control, the ability to alter and control the cosmos, the ability to travel anywhere in the universe, a chameleon ability that allows you to blend in with your surroundings, bi-location and astral travel, quantum energy amplification and manipulation, blood ritual magic manifestation,  the manifestation of archaic forms, calling forth of powerful and ancient entities such as Aiwass, Lilith and more, and of course, there is a wealth of Moloch infusion.  Those are just some of the ones I can think of off the top o my head.  

The key comes into play because certain acolytes and initiates were given pieces that were “resurrected” on their behalf so they didn’t have to complete the ritual themselves.  The pieces always have a golden key on them.  Some are necklaces, some are rings, some are bracelets, some are pins, but they all have a golden key.  This allows members to be easily distinguishable because the energy of the key is able to be picked up by other members.  Some of these keys only hold certain abilities from the Infusions Rooms while others hold many.  The piece we are offering is very powerful because it has been “resurrected” from all of the Infusion Rooms that are located within the City Market Catacombs.  Again, there are 70+ powers that you will be receiving, the likes of which have been sampled above. 

As you work with this piece the powers will be revealed to you one by one.  These are amazing, incredible powers that will change your life in unimaginable ways.  You will become a marked member of the Society of the Golden Key.  People will recognize you and you will be able to “feel” when members of the society are near.  In fact, this particular piece shoots you straight to a level of Magistatrus from Acolyte, so you will be able to tell when others are near immediately.  This is the chance for you to get everything you want out fo life.  Do not pass it up!