The Soul Collector:  Unlimited Transformation
The Soul Collector:  Unlimited Transformation
The Soul Collector:  Unlimited Transformation
The Soul Collector:  Unlimited Transformation
The Soul Collector:  Unlimited Transformation
The Soul Collector:  Unlimited Transformation
The Soul Collector:  Unlimited Transformation
The Soul Collector:  Unlimited Transformation
The Soul Collector:  Unlimited Transformation
The Soul Collector:  Unlimited Transformation
The Soul Collector:  Unlimited Transformation
The Soul Collector:  Unlimited Transformation

The Soul Collector: Unlimited Transformation

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The piece you are getting is made out of real carved bone and what we believe is silver.  This piece is old and it is a true antique of the top, museum quality!  The bone has been hand carved to reveal a skull, the word "Somme" and the dates July 1 and November 18, the respective beginning and ending dates of the Battle of Somme.  On the bottom is a wax seal stamper that has the year 1916, which is the year the Battle of Somme took place.  There is an eyelet at the top of the skull because the piece is designed to be worn around the neck.  This piece is truly a one-of-a-kind piece.  You will never find another piece like this one.  Once it is gone, it is gone for good.  It is extremely powerful.  To find out more about the metaphysical power in this piece, read on below. 

One of the most supernatural places on Earth is the Parisian underground Catacombs.  It was designed in 1774 to quell the overflow of dead bodies into the already crowded Parisian cemeteries.  Bodies were dug up and removed from their grave.  They were relocated to a section of tunnel that was encompassed in a network of underground passageways and chambers that connected the quarries of Paris and beyond.  Ossuaries were organized in several of the passageways that ran through the network.  Officials pretend like they know the entirety of the tunnel network, but that would be a lie.  In fact, the tunnel network (which has collectively gone by the moniker “the Catacombs” is much larger than what anyone knows.  The door to the ossuary that was built there is called the Barriere d’Enfer, meaning the gateway to Hell.  It is a foreboding name and you will learn why in just a little bit.  

After the Ossuary was stocked to the brim with human remains it was forgotten about until the early 19th century when it was opened as a sort of novelty destination that held concerts and other public festivities.  Later, it would be taken over as a museum.  The fact of the matter is that nobody really knows how large the Catacboms are.  All of the energies of the recycles souls that were laid to rest within the ossuary allowed the tunnels and chambers that lived underground to keep building themselves beneath the city’s surface.  Many have tried to figure out the catacombs or to map it properly and all have failed. That is because it has a mind of its own.  It means to beguile human life because human souls are needed to feed what is known as the Soul Collector.  

Once the ossuary was opened up as a venue and later as a museum it became quite apparent that the place had a kind of eerie air about it.  The people visiting ascribed this feeling to the fact that they were attending musical concerts in what amounted to a large mass grave.  The beguiling tactics of the Catacombs to trap humans inside became somewhat of an urban legend with people dismissing stories as the fiction or encounters of a spooky and unnerving place.  I mean, they were literally hanging out with a bunch of dead people.  By bunch, I mean something like six million dead people.  It isn’t hard to see how some interesting stories could be conceived, but not all of the stories that were told were told by people with large imaginations.  People actually did go missing and most of the time they weren’t found.  This can be attributed to the many different types of supernatural creatures that eventually called the catacombs home; however, there was one creature that even the most powerful of vampires feared.  He was the “granddaddy of them all.”  He was simply called the Soul Collector.

Please don’t begin asking what kind of entity the Soul Collector is.  All we know is that he was an entity that used to live at the center of the network of tunnels.  It was his magic that allowed the network of tunnels to acquire a life of their own and keep growing as if they were a human body.  Again, many have attempted to navigate this massive network of living tunnels, but have failed.  Either they have gotten false information or the tunnels have simply changed.  Then there are the ones who have gotten lost and died in the tunnels, vanishing without a trace.  The Soul Collector lived within the tunnels simply because his sustenance required the ingestion of souls.  He would ingest souls of all kinds.  He began with the souls that were attached to the 6 million bodies that were buried in the ossuary.  Not all of the bodies had souls attached, but some did and that was good enough for him.  At least it was good enough for a while.  

He then moved onto bigger and better things.  Fresh humans would get lost in the labyrinth of passageways and he’d lead them to his chamber where he would ingest their soul straight from their body.  Nobody really knows what kind of entity the Soul Collector is or where it comes from.  It is an interdimensional and inter-planar being that has made Earth its home.  It prefers cold, dark places such as the Catacombs.  We also haven’t been able to put our finger on what kind of entity the Soul Collector is, either.  Here’s the thing-- we have never experienced another entity like this in any of our investigations.  Not only does the Soul Collector devour the souls of humans the wander his way, but he also feeds on the souls of other entities that he found along the way.  

These were mostly entities that called the catacombs their home as well, but the SC wasn’t that great at sharing.  He devoured and ingested the souls of all sorts of entities including vampires, werewolves, djinn, demons, angels, extraterrestrials, wizards, witches, sorcerers, and many other powerful forms of entities that were immortal and/or otherworldly beings.  As he devoured their souls the powers and abilities that were possessed by the entities that the SC devoured became his own.  The soul energy allowed him to live and synthesize his own magic, as well as acquiring the magic of the souls he ingested.  The SC lived in this perpetual state of magic deep underneath the crust of Paris.  

In addition to the magic that the SC acquired from eating the souls of other types of entities, he often gained the magic and knowledge of the human souls that he devoured.  For instance, many blood rituals of the Illuminati and the Freemasons were secretly completed in the catacombs.  The SC would devour these human souls, as well as their knowledge.  Gnostics who went searching for answers, druidic sorcerers who were looking for paces of solace in which to practice their knowledge, and Pagan worshippers who wanted to complete their rites of passage were all also included in the list of victims taken, while the SC simply grew more powerful and more powerful.

 By the time WWI had rolled around the SC had grown incredibly powerful.  It had been festering in its own soul-snatching abilities for centuries-- possibly longer for all we know.  The creation of the ossuary in Paris had roused the beast, so there is no telling how long he was on Earth prior to that.  He is an immortal and ancient being, so he could have very well been here from the beginning for all we know.  All we know for certain is what we have been told and what we have discovered on our own through using the piece.  The reason I bring up WWI is that is was during this time period that the SC came up from his pit to ingest souls by the tens of thousands.  It was during the Battle of Somme.  

On July 1, 1916, the bloodiest and costliest battles of WWI broke out in France.  Deaths were in the hundreds of thousands and casualties were even more than that.  It was during this battled the Soul Collector, enticed by the energies of death, came to the surface of Earth.  He began collecting souls by the thousands.  He didn’t necessarily collect powerful souls, but that’s not to say that some of them weren’t powerful.  Rather, he collected the souls to create his own powers and abilities.  The more souls he has, the more powerful he becomes.  When God realized what was going on, he found the soul of a young British soldier named Adam Parrish who had somehow managed to escape the clutches of the greedy Soul Collector.  

God reincarnated Adam Parrish as a white light entity.  Brandishing St. Michael’s sword, Parrish was able to defeat the Soul Collector once and for all.  This was important because the SC was devouring souls meant to go to Heaven.  Parrish was also able to end the Battle of Somme.  The day that the SC was slain ad the end of the Battle of Somme coincide and that is November 18, 1916.  The Sword of St. Michael was returned to Heaven and the bones of the Soul Collector were returned to the ossuary.  All of the souls that the SC had acquired during the Battle of Somme were remitted to God, but their energies and powers remained.  Adam Parrish went on to live a very long and comfortable life.  Years after the Battle of Somme and the end of WWI Parrish returned to the catacombs to retrieve a piece of the SC’s bone.  He found the bone to be very powerful, as it held all of the abilities that the SC once held.  This is because the DNA of the SC remained in the bones and his presence could be reconstructed, only this time Parish had full control.  

Using this piece Adam was able to morph his own DNA into the DNA of whatever souls the Soul Collector had consumed.  There are hundreds of thousands of these souls and what Adam Parrish found is that using the bone as a ritual relic he could complete a transformation on himself to become the entities represented by the souls that were consumed by the Soul Collector.  For instance, he was able to perform a vampire transformation on himself.  He was able to perform an angelic transformation on himself.  He was even able to morph his DNA to give himself an ancient Atlantean transformation.  I don’t how the SC got an ancient Atlantean soul, but it just goes back to we don’t know exactly how long the SC was on Earth before he was slain by Parrish with the sword of St. Michael.

Using the bone fragment that he had acquired, Parrish fashioned this piece.  It is a stamp that pays homage to the souls that were taken by the Soul Collector during the Battle of Somme.  It coincides with the dates of the Battle of Somme, which is kind of the point.  A skull has been fashioned out of the bone.  The beginning and end dates of the Battle of Somme have been carved into the bone and the name Somme has been carved into the skull’s forehead.  We believe the wax stamp part on the bottom of the skull is silver, but we are not entirely sure because it isn’t marked.  The metal on this piece is definitely antique, but the bone is ageless.  You couldn’t put a date on it if you tried.  To begin with, you’d get a false reading anyhow because of the number of souls this piece has been created with. 

This piece has been passed down through the hands of many people, some of them whose name you might know.  Anton Lavey used this piece to give himself a Luciferian transformation.  During this transformation, he acquired the mind of Lucifer and his vast knowledge of the universe that was given to him by God.  He acquired a sharp knowledge of all dark magic that was facilitated within him thanks to the souls of dark spirits that were ingested by the SC.  

This piece was used by Ike Eisenhower to give himself a complete Extraterrestrial Transformation.  In case you haven’t been with us for a while, we have told you guys before about how Ike had the most insane fascination with Extraterrestrial Lifeforms.  This piece was able to give him the transformation that he always wanted-- into that of the Reptilian Race, whereby he gained not only a connection to the universe but full control of the comic flow.  He maintained his human shape, of course.  Then again, most Reptilians do.  Ask Adele.  Oops.  Did I say that out loud?  

This piece was even taken to Bohemian Grove where a bunch of world leaders was able to facilitate a mass transformation of wealth, where extreme wealth was granted to those in attendance.  This is the kind of wealth transformation that has allowed people like Zuckerberg and Bezos to become some of the most influential billionaires that have ever lived!!  We are not sure where this wealth magic has come from, but we can only imagine that it came from the wealthy elite of France.  

There was a journal that was kept with this piece in which was written numerous accounts of this piece and what it could grant for the people that used it.  It can be used to literally grant any type of Transformation needed.  We have personally used this piece to grant different kinds of transformations.  We had a man that wanted a vampire transformation, so we allowed him to borrow this piece.  He used it and within a matter of months, he was running his own vampire farm outside of Atlanta.  When he used this piece he was able to gain the vampiric magic of Vladimir Tepes because the Soul Collector had ingested the soul of one of his descendants.  

We had one client who emerged as a Voodoo Master after having used this piece.  The magic of the ancient Yoruba clan, which eventually evolved to become Voodoo as we know it today exists in the piece.  I’m assuming that a wealthy African merchant of Yoruban ancestry traveled to France to experience a concert in the ossuary when his soul was snatched from his boy and his bones became a permanent decoration.  Either that or perhaps the SC lived somewhere in Africa prior to living in France.  The point is that person we had test this piece wanted to become a Voodoo Obeah.  This piece allowed him to go through the phases where an initiate is laid on a slab and almost killed to experience a descent and then an ascension into power but without ever having to do that part.  He has been able to intrinsically cast Voodoo magic since, and regularly holds council with the immortal Loa!!  

Yet another person that we used this piece with was Given something called the Transformation of the Sphinx.  In a nutshell, this transformation allows you to look through the eyes of the SPhinx and into the capstones of the pyramid.  Through this transformation, our client’s eyes became the eys of the Sphinx and thus, she was always subconsciously gazing at the powers of the pyramid and could manifest their magic with a single thought.  It gave her a connection to the Egyptian Pantheon and the ability to summon the powers of the gods and goddesses whenever she wants.  I’m not sure what soul the SC had to devour for that hefty ability, but it is there.  

There are also others one that we have done-- the 7th Heaven Ascension Transformation, the Ancient Persian Granting Djinn Transformation, a Nephilim Transformation,  Runic Magic/Ancient Norse Sorcery Transformation, etc.  I mean the list goes on and on.  We have secretly been working on this piece for a while.  We have been doing certain transformations with this piece for a while.  Every transformation that we have done has been a huge success.  This piece has allowed us to perform any type of transformation that we wanted to do and this includes immortality and ageless transformations. 

We have been able to use this piece to successfully create many different types of transformations.  We have even given two people multiple transformations.  One of them received a double transformation.  Another one received a triple transformation.  They are able to bounce back and forth between their human forms AND the new forms we have given them.  One wanted an angelic transformation and a fairy transformation.  The other wanted an Ouroboros Cycle Master Transformation, an Atlantean Transformation, and a Mayan Time Bender Transformation.  We were able to do them all but in a way that lets them change between their forms at their own free will.

You will be able to do the same for your self.  You will see there is a hook at the top of this skull.  This hook is the serpent of knowledge.  You will place a chain through this hook and wear this piece around your neck.  This is how the magic of the SC will be with you always.  You will be able to give yourself any transformation that you want.  You will be able to give yourself unlimited transformations.  You will be able to bounce back and forth between all of your own transformations at your own free will, so as to enjoy all of the new forms of existence that you have created for yourself!  

This piece will allow you to use your own discretion to keep all of the transformations separately if you want to bounce back and forth between them or you can combine them if you'd like into a transformation conglomeration.  Furthermore, if you want to strip yourself of all transformations and start over you can do that too.  This piece is very versatile and will give you the freedom to be what you want to be how you want to be it!

Whoever buys this piece will receive specific instructions on how to use it.  They are simple, but in case this piece should fall into the wrong hands, I don’t want to put them in the description.