The Telling Coins of Shai
The Telling Coins of Shai

The Telling Coins of Shai

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There is an immortal spirit called the Eternal Pharaohess. We would love to tell you whose soul she is or even her permanent form, but we can't. The fact is that she takes many forms and each time we call her forth she takes a different form. She holds many, many powers and abilities. We have implemented her magic before in granting us powerful pieces that have helped us connect to and better understand the ancient pyramids and the ones that brought them to Earth.

She actually hand-delivered these pieces to us, telling us that for these uncertain times that humanity is going to need some guidance-- in its simplest form. By simplest form, she literally meant a "yes or no answer". That's why she created these pieces. They are magically charged the presence of something call Shai.

Shai is the Egyptian deification of the concept of fate or destiny. It presides over the fate and destiny of the people on Earth. Well, it usually doesn't interfere unless called upon, but it has the ability to do so. It has the ability to give people answers about how their future will play out, or just give answers about life in general.

These pieces are coins. On one side you will see the world yes, on the other side is the world no. We have 5 of these coins and each of them has been emboldened by the power of Shai, as its presence is infinite. You can ask Shai a yes or no question. You will then flip the coin and it will give you the answers to your questions concerning fate.

These questions are yes or no questions that directly concern your fate. You can ask Shai any question of your choosing such as 'Is this man/woman the one for me?" Or, you can ask questions concerning finance such as, "Should I invest in this stock or purchase this item for my business?" There are a million questions that I'm sure you want to ask Shai that Shai will allow you to see.

Eventually, after using the coin enough, you will develop a connection to Shai, who will begin showing you your future through premonitions and visions that will come while handling the coin.