The Top Three for Thee
The Top Three for Thee
The Top Three for Thee
The Top Three for Thee
The Top Three for Thee

The Top Three for Thee

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We have two of these we are done testing after having them for years. These are both antiques and hand done by those who possess mystical transferring hands. A transferring hand is one who can cultivate a real item into the physical. They can also bring forth a real person into the physical. Hidden items can be brought into this realm and used but never kept, not in the physical. The powers, mystical magic and things they can grant or give knowledge of are kept. 

An easier way to explain is to tell you what you are getting and that getting is one of a kind.

Each piece holds the power or magic of the Chalice, the Ark of the covenant and the Fatima visions along with the hidden number codes in the Bible.

The  Chalice holding the blood of Christ is pure power alone! The conversations and advice along with the protection of Fatima is like no other! The Ark of the covenant does everything and is dual.

If you had one piece to give you knowledge of the future, power when you needed it and the mystical feats of Jesus, this would be it. This is a living breathing item.

We are offering up two of these items. One is the heart  pin, one is a cross.

If I had to pick one item for the times this would be one of them.

Some of what you can do with these.


mind reading


DNA shift to physical shift

Understanding of God with communication

The calling down of the Angelic realm and a lot more