The Uninitiated Masses
The Uninitiated Masses
The Uninitiated Masses
The Uninitiated Masses
The Uninitiated Masses
The Uninitiated Masses

The Uninitiated Masses

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Most of us are aware that there is a lot of censoring in the Bible. Some of those things were censored for political reasons and for magical reasons. If everyone could do what they want then no one could control you. These pieces will release you from control and put you where you should have been from birth. 

Moses wrote are least 5 books, manuscripts on his magic and how he obtained it. When you can find them they are very hard to understand because he used not just words but symbols. He also used the language of the angels. This magic and chain freeing power was given to the angels by God himself. The angels were told to instruct Moses and teach him the supernatural magic that can free the mind and body.  

This as to be taught to help people find their way back to God. It was also to be taught so time on earth would be easier.


There are many things these will give to you as they were given to Moses. You will get sacred and secret talismans. These are built into the bracelet and will include the following.

The seal of Seraphim and Cherubim. This gives a long and productive life.

The seal of Venus. This is for all types of love This will give you visions of truth through dreams and spot on intuition.

Seal of the angels of power. This helps you to heal sickness.

Seal of the choir of hosts. This one brings wealth and great fortune.

Seal of the spirits of fire. This one controls all dual and dark entities as well as giving blessings and magnetism. 

Seal of the Throne angels. This gives you power over your enemies. This one also brings you love from many, family, relationships, friends and lovers.

Seal of the spirit of the sun. This brings you great abundance and wealth.

Seal of the spirits of earth. This one also does wealth and business matters.

Seal of the spirits of Saturn. This is another wealth one in the form of luck and gaming.

Seal of Mars. This will bring back a relationship, husband/ wife. Girlfriend/ boyfriend or any other relationship. 

Seal of Jupiter. This is strictly for legal matters.

Those are just the seals placed in the bracelet. You also will have the following abilities.

You will be able to communicate with elementals, spirits and angels when you want to.

You will understand how to work with herbs and roots. 

You will be able to control spirits and other forces. This includes nature forces.

You will open up the closed areas of your mind so you can preform magical abilities to help yourself and others.

All of these things are thousands of years old. This piece is an activation to open up the sources of God which he allowed Moses to possess. 

You will get one bracelet. These are old.