The Violet Flame:  Angels of the Seventh Ray
The Violet Flame:  Angels of the Seventh Ray
The Violet Flame:  Angels of the Seventh Ray

The Violet Flame: Angels of the Seventh Ray

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This piece is a sterling silver pendant.  The story mentions a chain, but this is only the pendant  You will have to use your own chain.  This will not affect the power at all.  This piece is vintage and the purple stone is gorgeous.  The powers are phenomenal.  


We received this piece from a young British gentleman that could not have been older than 21 or 22. He was a mysterious lad-- fair-skinned with dark brown hair and pale green eyes. Roger was his name and he first came to us a few months ago. He found us online, hoping that we'd be able to help him with a problem he was having.

Long story short, Roger is what is known as a lost soul. Well, he was. The strange thing and we could not figure out for the life of us how it happened is Roger never actually became a spirit after death. We have our assumptions as to what happened, but let me get into Roger's story first.

He was a British fighter pilot during the Battle of Britain in 1940. When the German's first began attacking, the British forces had to skirmish to get into the air to fight back. Unfortunately, Roger never made it off the runway, as he was struck with shrapnel before he ever got to the plane. By his account, as he lay there on the pavement bleeding out, thinking for sure that he would die alone, a beam came down from Heaven and out stepped two angelic figured-- one male and one female. They took him back to their realm.

He doesn't know for sure if this was Heaven that he traveled to or somewhere else. All he knows is that he woke up in Britain nearly 70 years and everything had changed. Around his neck was this pendant with a purple stone, the chain in sterling silver. He felt connected to the piece, but for some reason couldn't figure out how. After an additional 10 years of searching for answers, he finally came to us and we were able to point Roger in the right direction.

We think that he maintained his physical form because the angels that received him healed him because they saw he was suffering, but they were too hasty because they did not have the authority to allow him to ascend. After trying to figure out ways to help him cross over, they finally put him back into the world to age. However, he had been touched by the angel's magic and gained immortality, so he hadn't aged a hair since 1940.

We helped him cross over with an ascension piece that we had and in return, he gave us his pendant. This pendant holds the presence of two very lively angels. They are angel consorts. The male angel's name is Arcturus and his twin flame's named is Victoria. They are angels of the Seventh Ray and they are the masters of magic called the Violet Flame.

When you own this piece you gain access to these angels who will connect to you telepathically. They exist in the Seventh Ray, which is where they shall remain. However, you can use this piece to call upon their presence. They will do many things for you. Their power called the Violet Flame is very powerful.

The Violet Flame provides a spiritual rebirth. This rebirth will first sterilize your soul, release your Chakras, and allow the full presence of God to descend upon you like a dove-- the same way Jesus received the Holy Ghost. You will be given God's power of Divine Manifestation. That's because among the Seventh Ray lives what is known as the Divine Will. The power of the Violet Flame gives you the ability to alter the Divine Will.

Of course, you can only alter the part that pertains to you. You can't alter others' lives and you can't alter the course of history. However, you can use this piece to create whatever divine will you want for yourself and it will be given to you by the authority of God. Wealth, magic, angelic rebirth, knowledge, love, family, harmonious balance, extreme protection, etc. These things and anything else you ask for will become yours when using this piece. All you've gotta do is will it into existence when you wear this piece. Arcturus and Victoria know what to do to make the rest happen.