Thespian Murder Club & Soul Reservoirs
Thespian Murder Club & Soul Reservoirs
Thespian Murder Club & Soul Reservoirs
Thespian Murder Club & Soul Reservoirs
Thespian Murder Club & Soul Reservoirs

Thespian Murder Club & Soul Reservoirs

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Sometimes we offer pieces that are Merry and Bright. Sometimes our pieces are nothing of such sort. This is one of the latter. We have told you about different types of eerie and creepy theaters in the past, many of which remain to this day. The one that I'm going to tell you about takes the cake, though. You will not likely find another piece like this. They are few and far between.

What I should do first is introduce to you the culprit that started it all. His name is Henry Mannering. He was born to a medieval English family that was among the royal ranks but wasn't of the peasant class either. his name is Henry Mannering. Henry's parents lived in extremely rural parts of medieval England, so Henry was often left to his own imaginative devices.

It wasn't long before little Henry developed a penchant for trapping small animals and mutilating them. He forced them into torturous situations and then watched them squirm as they died. His mother found him one afternoon covered in the blood of a sow that he had killed. When his mother asked him why he had done what he had done, Henry's response was pretty much, "because I wanted to see how the insides looked," only in Old English jargon.

His mother was a bit taken aback, but his father chalked it up to "boys being boys". There were many instances like that during his childhood. As a young man, Henry was sent to London to be educated. He stayed with one of his father's brothers. Henry was only there five weeks when his uncle's three-year-old daughter went missing. She was never found, but Henry was never accused of anything, although even Henry's own mother would later accuse her own son of hiding his cousin's body.

Being an only child-- which was highly uncommon in those days-- allowed Henry to develop quite an imagination. Obviously, they had neither phones nor televisions. Children had to figure out ways to occupy their free time, especially Henry because after his mother fell barren he remained an only child. Thus, Henry grew up with a flare of eccentricity and drama. Everything that went on in his life was transformed into a play inside of his head.

It came as no surprise that when Henry was a young adult that he established a players club. It never really took off. It was called London Young, but there weren't very many people that wanted to be in Henry's players' club because he always wanted to be the main player, the star in each and every play. In fact, I highly doubt you'll find Henry's name in any history book at all. What Henry was most famous for was something else he established-- an underground performing arts phenomenon known as the Thespian Murder Club.

The Thespian Murder Club was a precursor to the dark web. At least that's how I see it. It was a secret club, sort of like a speakeasy, to which only the most affluent people were invited. I don't really know the particulars of his come up with the Thespian Murder Club, but by the time it was thriving there were a lot of affluent and powerful people attending.

In a nutshell, the Thespian Murder Club was a way for Henry to make a spectacle out of the murders he committed. He didn't see them as murders because they were rituals to him. He would bound and gag his victims and then choose different ways to kill them. He would let the audience determine the eventual fate of the murder victims based upon how loud the applause was for each method of murder. He had quite the collection of torture devices. In fact, he could have probably given the Tower of Terror a run for its money.

There were usually three or four different options for how the victim would be murdered, but once the crowd chose which murder they wanted to see it would take place live. Many of the audience members would become ill and need to leave. It is rumored that one time the performance even drove a man to have a heart attack stageside. It was quite the affair, yet it was kept hush-hush kind of like the affairs of the Royalty in the U.K. are still kept hush-hush to this day. In fact, the murder club still exists for those who are influential enough to be able to attend. Many of their practices have been converted to, as I said early, dark web offerings, with people actually being able to pay for victims. It's kind of like a virtual version of the movie Hostile.

You might be thinking to yourself that all of these proceedings are sick. You aren't wrong. They are very dark. This is what happened, though. You had the Royalty who already own everything and had nothing to occupy their time. Then, you had Henry who was a demented sociopath in the first place. However, once he found out that he could use his murders to fuel another one of his passions-- magic-- all while charging the elite to watch it. The blood of his victims would be collected and used in more rituals that were performed in private. He is even rumored to have bathed in their blood to keep himself youthful.

Even all this wasn't the epitome of Henry's rituals. It was the soul-collecting that kept him going. Not only was Henry fueled by murder, but he was fueled by magic. He would keep vessels that he would create with the energies of the souls of people he had murdered. He called them Soul Reservoirs. The more souls that were in a soul reservoir, the more powerful the reservoir would become. The more magic that reservoir was able to grant. The reason souls are able to grant magic is that they are 100% percent cosmic energy. Ergo, the more energy in one place, the more powerful your magic becomes. Some of his Soul Reservoirs would hold the soul magic of a few people, while some of them had dozens in them. As time went on, and the tradition continued, some of the pieces could hold upwards of 1,000 souls.

As I stated before, after Henry's death the tradition kept going. Souls kept being collected and Reservoirs kept on being created. What we have is one of many Soul Reservoirs that have been created. There are several thousand souls in this Reservoir. It contains the souls of several other reservoirs that have been collected for many, many years. I should say that differently. The energy of several thousand souls is in this reservoir. You will not actually get to interact with the souls. You only get their energy and their energy is meant to create magic, as previously stated.

When using this piece you can create whatever type of magic it is that you desire. This piece will bring the magic on full-force and in a very powerful fashion. It holds the presence of several thousand souls!! The way that this piece works is that the soul energy directs the energy of the Cosmic flow. You will meditate with this piece and envision the magic that you want to be created for you. That magic is recorded in the Cosmos and then it is created and delivered to you. You can use this piece-- this Soul Reservoir-- time and time again to create as many forms of magic as you want.

The piece you are getting holds an actual drop of blood from Henry Mannering's body.  It was preserved by the Thespian Players Club and was placed in this piece to honor him, as this is the most powerful one that they have ever created!
All the magic that you request will be stored in your piece. If you want this magic to be an actual part of your body to where you don't have to wear the piece anymore it can be done. It takes some time, but it can be done. That information and the process is available to the buyer only upon request.