This listing sure wouldn't be allowed on EBay!

This listing sure wouldn't be allowed on EBay!

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If you can't afford to grow a pair of balls you now will be.  Hell with this piece you can be any pronoun you want to be even changing into a Native American and inviting Merica to have a beer! Even if you're pushing hard to look cool and downing a beer you won't have to worry with this piece.  People will fall all over you for the wrong reasons, but who cares because you will be in the money!  

This is such a rare and yet powerful supernatural piece you really need to hop on pop and get this one. OMG, I feel so freaking liberated since I don't have to stay within ebays moronic rules! You know the ones that have a category for metaphysical items but God forbid you actually list one! 

With this piece, you WILL make business deals with ease and be winning! You will also or can take this to the casino and yell " Slap me on my ass and set me free baby!"

You will even be able to live in your own gated community and tell others how they have to be inclusive. Finally, you will get your own double standard! Wealth sure is fun!

So rock on, rock out and let the beast out. This is your ticket to real wealth!

Idiots require that we place this warning on such items.

You may crap yourself when you win big.

You may experience delusions, bed wetting and all-around soggy happiness.

This is a lucky four-leaf clover casino ship.  This is a real four-leaf clover. This is a supernatural piece that brings good luck and wealth!