Tibetan Wealth Braclets, GREEN Glowstones
Tibetan Wealth Braclets, GREEN Glowstones
Tibetan Wealth Braclets, GREEN Glowstones

Tibetan Wealth Braclets, GREEN Glowstones

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These pieces come from an investigation that Deedee went on years back.  Some of you who have been with us for so a while will remember that she went on an investigation in Tibet.  We have since offered other pieces that she recovered while on this investigation.  You know what they say, though.  Save the best for last.  In this case, this is what we did.  It wasn't even that we intended to.  It's just that the energies in these pieces are so strong that we wanted to make sure that they could be controlled before we offered them for sale.  We didn't want to put a piece out there that were so powerful that they would consume the life of the person using them.  That would incredibly irresponsible on our part.  This is another reason why we test all the items we put on the website.  

These pieces come from a very ancient place in Tibet.  Deedee found them in a Temple that is definitely not on the map.  There was no name for the temple and she said that if she had to find it again, she probably wouldn't be able to.  That's fine because she found it in the first place.  There's no need to find it again.  She said that she had hired a guide to take her to a different spot that was supposedly hidden in the Tibetan mountains, but her own psychic intuition led her to the spot where she found these pieces.  According to Deedee, there was no spiritual resistance or other resistance in the acquisition of these pieces.  In fact, she said that she first received a vision of the temple.  she chalked it up to just being a regular dream because she was excited about her investigation.  

She soon found out that her dream wasn't just a dream, it was, in fact, a premonition that was showing her what was to come her way.  So, when she first felt the presence of the temple, which felt like the energy of the temple she had seen in her dream, she knew that this was the place she was supposed to find.  She allowed her psychic intuition to take over and the temple eventually appeared to her.  She entered the temple, despite warnings from the guide not to.  On the inside, Deedee told us that she found an ancient script scrawled in stone with four other stones surrounding it.  She traced her finger over the inscription, which is when the real action began to occur.

As per Deedee's story, out of the stone where she had traced the inscriptions came all of these different types of spirits.  They were different colors and each one of them held a different type of energy that was an emanation of the type of magic that they possessed.  Their leader was a translucent being that changed colors as he spoke, like a Chameleon.  He spoke to Deedee through telepathic vibes and told her that he and his followers are the ancient race that once lived on the Tibetan Plateau.  This ancient race was more spiritually advanced than humans and they had the ability to manipulate their DNA.  They did this in order to acquire the powers and energies that they wanted.   Each being was responsible for one type of magic that was represented by a color.  They'd grow this magic with other beings that were the same color that they were.  This is how they thrived and grew in power.  Most of the Asian Continent, even into Australia have a variation of this race's DNA.  

Deedee looked on and all the colors encircled her like a fury of light.  Then, there was a loud bang like an explosion.  She dropped to the floor and covered her head.  When she lifted her head, there were four separate piles of colored bracelets that lay before her, on the four stones that surrounded the center stone with the inscription on it.  She brought these back to the office and we began testing them, but we have been continuously working on these items throughout the years, testing them and pushing them to their limits.  We have decided that it is time to offer them to the general public.  Just know that these pieces have been tested quite a bit.  The appearance of the bracelets has never dwindled.  We call them glowstones.  There are four colors of these glowstone bracelets.  Each color signifies a different type of energy that will give you a different result when you wear it.  You can just by one, you can buy all four, you can mix-n-match, you can buy them as gifts, whatever you want to do.  The price that you see is for one bracelet and we have multiples of each.  I know somebody will probably ask, "If I have more than one of the same color does that increase the power that I get?"  The answer is yes.  If you have two of the same color that doubles the strength of the power you get.  Three triples it, so on and so forth. Make sure you re-read the title of the item you are buying because the color will be in the title.  Below are the colors we have and what they will do for you.  

Green:  The green glowstones represent wealth and when you wear them you will receive a genetic manipulation that will attract wealth. You won't need a wealth magnet power, because you will become the wealth magnet.  This means wealth in all different forms-- wealth at the casino, wealth in business, wealth in investments, wealth in financial markets, any kind of wealth you can think of.  If there is money to be made, this piece will see to it that you make it.  This is a very ancient wealth power and one that helped many civilizations thrive through the years.  

Pinkish-Purple:  The pinkish-purple glowstone represents psychic ability.  What kind of psychic ability you might ask?  Any and all psychic ability.  This is a full awakening of your psychic senses.  It is a misconception that humans only have their five sense and that's it.  There are actually hundreds of sense that a human can have if they are keen enough to use them.  The energy is these glowstones will give you a genetic manipulation that will allow you to control these psychic faculties.  This is a blast of psychic power that flushes out your chakra system and allows new energy to overtake your body.  It can be a very powerful experience, but it is well worth it.  

Blue:  The blue glowstone is an opening of the pituitary gland and spiritual cleansing of the mind and the soul.  The flashes of light that the blue glowstones emanate will catch your eye and will trigger an opening of the pituitary gland.  This will generate a shifting of your DNA that will allow the powers and abilities that are within you to come to the surface.  Everybody has them.  Everybody is born with them.  However, they stay hidden unless your mind is keen enough to bring them to the forefront of your consciousness.  This will allow you to practice all of the magical abilities that have laid dormant inside of your own soul for as many lifetimes as you have lived.  It will also allow you to know and practice the magic of the ancestral bloodlines to which you belong.  

Clear:  The clear glowstones are divinity stones.  This piece gives you a connection to the divine.  When you wear the clear bracelet with manipulate your DNA and you will receive something called the thumbprint of the gods.  This is a mark in your DNA that is the mark of the divine.  This is what allows you to develop that connection to the divine.  With this connection that you will have to the divine, you will be able to communicate with whatever gods you want to communicate.  You are able to know what they know and you are able to manifest their magic here on Earth.  Just imagine how many powerful gods and goddesses there are.  Egyptian gods and goddesses, Mayan gods and goddesses, Sumerian gods and goddesses, Celtic gods and goddesses.  Look, I could sit and list them all night, but the truth is there are just way too many for me to do that.  Now, each of them will give allow you to manifest their powers and abilities in the human realm.  Talk about powerful!!