Trine of the Time-Changing Warrior Angel
Trine of the Time-Changing Warrior Angel

Trine of the Time-Changing Warrior Angel

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This is a brilliant, beautiful set of prismatic and colorful earrings. 


You are not getting a transformation. Having said that, this piece does hold some transformational power. In each of the earrings has been placed a warrior angel that is capable of many feats, including the ability to change time and the ability to change one’s purpose. The earrings are called trines, because they are triangular shaped and represent mind, body, and soul. The angels also have the ability to create white light magic as they see fit and grant high-profile miracles-- meaning the grade of miracle that was used when Moses parted the Red Sea or when Joshua brought the walls of Jericho down.  



However, those are not the parts that are most intriguing about this piece. Of course, you will gain access to those powers, as well, but after you receive the final component of this piece, I highly doubt you are going to need them. The whole purpose of these trines with the presence of the warrior angels is that they hold soul alchemy that will change your soul and mark it. You will not experience anything while still on Earth.  



Instead, this piece is for the afterlife. When you own this piece the warrior angels will induct you into what is known as the Legion of the Chosen. The Legion of the Chosen are highly magic, highly powerful angels that were created by God to hold his holy knowledge and divine magic. With this piece, you will either transform into one of these angels, when you make your way to Heaven OR when crap hits the fan on Earth. Either way, you are getting power beyond measure.  




You will be able to master the time-changing thing while still on Earth, as this is how holy visions of the past and future will be given to you. You will also be able to have the angel create white light abilities for you while you are still in mortal form.