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Varro 1567

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The Saint Joseph Daily Missal. No ordinary work on its own, but what makes this copy extra-unordinary is that it was signed and empowered by the divine magic of Sister Cabrini. Known best for her healing abilities, restoring the sight to the blind and curing the terminally ill, she held control of a spiritual power that was undisputed by anyone who came in to contact with her. It is no wonder that we know her today as St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.

The purpose of this book is to empower the owner with the secrets of the missal, and by reading the verses out loud, the words come to life. And on May 9th 1954, this book was given to its last owner, Mr. Donald Battistella.

Here are some examples in using the book... On the Quinquagesima Sunday you may ask for God to give you the sight to see what others can not and to even catch a glimpse of heaven. For those that want to see, this is it. No other way will come close.

Another is a sacrificial banquet which allows for communication and speech through God.

Or to speak to the head of St. John the Baptist. This is just a sample of what is in the book. Once read, words become real.

This is God Magic and a Holy Relic once held, blessed, empowered and signed by a Saint.

I guarantee that the signature is 100% authentic!

The amount of gifts and knowledge this book contains and its Spiritual Power is beyond measure.

It is truly, one of a kind.