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Varro 05

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Before the rule of God there were Gods. Before the forming of the universe and our earth, before the flood, the fall of angles, and all life as we know it now, there were Gods. Many Gods. Much like the stories of Zeus and the Titans the Gods ruled and and fought each other for control. Until our God conquered all others and created our universe. But they have not left us. They live in another realm, another time, another reality. They are not dead. They are only mostly forgotten. If you ask a priest of the splitting of heavens, the wars of the Gods and what lay beyond, they will most likely tell you that you are misguided and to stay away from such follies of thought. They will never tell you that they do not exist, but rather to avoid them all together. They do exist. If a clergy man tells you that no such thing ever happened, they are a liar, and look at you as the fool. They are the only fools.

There is a reason children are told to fear God and to Love Jesus. God will destroy all, Jesus will save all. What is must be. A balance in all things good and bad. Without, one can not exist. Our world revolves around light, we are told to live our lives in light and to fear the darkness. All darkness is not evil. All light is not pure. It only is.

There lay another realm where these forgotten Gods still live and rule. Their power as great as our God, but locked away is the knowledge of them. The ONLY way to kill any GOD is to forget them. And this is what happened... mostly.

This is the fang from a Vampire like creature that once lived in these realms. Born in the pit of darkness of all Gods he arrived in to our existence for their service. He was more powerful than any vampire that was ever born on our earth. His power made others look childish. One of the first to take his sacrifice of blood through the mouth and, as it hits the stomach directly then to the brain his powers increased. When he was defeated, his fangs were removed along with his power. His name was Iseicum.

It is yellow with age and has a gold cap on the top that removes. You place blood inside of it along with what you want as far as power from the unknown Gods. Using this piece will activate the brain to transport you to all places, lands and ownerships, which are the lands of the other Gods. With all the power that the tooth brings you are in no danger. But, some places are the blackest of black and no magic on this earth, none, can stand up to it. Just as our God was once a part of all Gods it is of dual nature. Love or fear, enlightenment or death, all is here. This item is not for the weak, the novice or the fool.