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Underground Powers


I purchased these bracelets from a black market “Magic Man” while away this month. This “Magic Man” as he calls himself is a trusted friend of ours and has been selling to us for nearly 12 years. Anyway so he contacted me and told me he had a few baubles with good magic in them to sell at a fair price and I agreed to visit him. I purchased a few things including some beautiful lava stone bracelets with a variety of powers. 


The lava stone bracelets are what 

I want to talk about. 


First off, there was only one left for love. Specifically intricate interwoven love. Basically making any love seamless and copycatting a soulmate spell. So if you aren’t with your soulmate, this bracelet will magically bind their soul with yours making an unbreakable bond. This bracelet is the beautiful pink one with polished stones.


Second, I acquired the last two lava stone bracelets for wealth as well. These bracelets are a good mix between  raw luck and infinite wealth. They work in several different ways- some days you might be really lucky and winning at every turn and other days you might find money or get a raise. It teeters somewhere between having a leprechaun and a wealth dragon on your shoulders so get one while we have them!!! These are the green bracelets , one with polished stones and one without. 


The third kind I acquired are for telepathic communication and thought manipulation. They work really well on people, animals and even magical beings like aliens and vampires. Typically we find telepathy pieces that only cover one or two bases but these cover all of them! As for the telepathic manipulation these allow you to change the direct thoughts that others are having whether that is to make them like you more or to make them give you the cash in their wallet! These are blue with gorgeous polished stones! I almost kept one for myself they are so pretty!


The next set I got are for birthing your own baby djinn to bring you wealth and happiness. These djinn will never grow old. I don’t want you to think they will ever be full Djinn, they are literally trapped as young Djinn but can grant a multitude of wishes and will be devoted to you. After speaking with the creator, because “MAGIC MAN” is actually a “MIDDLE MAN”, they told me they placed a spell to keep them youthful because their powers are actually steadier and more controlled at a young age. I typically would have thought the opposite but apparently she has the right idea! You can name your Djinn and ask for favors or wishes at your discretion. There are only two of these and they come in black or brick.