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This is a Russian piece. It was created by a physicist who studies the works of Nikola Tesla. He took an interest in a Russian Ghost Radio station that nobody runs, but yet transmits signals. It's call UVB 76, but shortwave radio aficionados know it as the buzzer. He wanted to know where the signals were coming from and what effect they had, if any, on the human mind.

In order to keep this short, I will simply cut to the chase and say that the piece is the work of the Russian government and can be used to transmit different signals. The station has been abandoned, but it is still secretly operated by somebody. Could it be the Russians? Could it be the Illuminati? Nobody really knows.

What is known is that the sounds can be amplified and projected. In fact, the sound can become so high-pitched that it's impossible for the human ear to hear it. It can be amplified through the whole world through a system of hacks, played on radio and tv stations, played from smartphones, etc. These are not groundbreaking things. The governments of the world have been at work at this for years now-- the NWS, the AmberAlert system, etc. They've been grooming us. They've been touting smart TVs and selling the latest technology. We all have it.o

Anyway, these sounds are used to penetrate the minds of the enemies, or in this case us. They wish to destabilize our minds through soundwaves that cause confusion and hallucinations. You think the COVID-19 Pandemic was bad? I want you think on a larger scale here. I want you to think of the movie Bird Box with that Sandra lady.

You think that not being able to look at things was hard? At least you could have closed your eyes. Hold your ears all you want, but it a sound is loud enough it will penetrate. That's if they aren't playing the waves that we can't even hear!! When the wave penetrate they will be able to make you do whatever they want you to do. They'll use you like an android-- see how Samsung has already conditioned you to think that word is cool? It's not, you'll be a mindless worker at the mercy of whatever they order you to do.

Granted, we don't know who "they" are. Could it really be the Russians? If so, why haven't they attacked? They've already talked about throwing EMFs at us. Perhaps its run by a faction of the NWO? Maybe it is something entirely different in another dimension or on another timeline. Maybe it's run by the good guys, maybe Anonymous wants to take out the bad folks.

All we know is that this piece will protect you from the signals. All you have to do is wear it or 21 days straight. Once you wear it for 21 days you can take it off and you will be covered forever. It changes the frequencies of your body to refuse the waves that will be sent at you.

The thing is that this is not all that this piece can do for you. It has also been imbued with other frequencies that will give you better health. It will give you autonomous healing. It will give you spiritual healing. It will imbue you with wealth frequencies. It will give you evolutionary frequencies that will allow you to acquire psychic enlightenments and cosmic enlightenments.

On top of that is will allow you to use this piece to actually enter the minds of others to know what they thing, to feel what the feel, and to control their thoughts if you want to, effecitvely giving you the ability to control their minds. I know that seems invasive considering we are the ones saying, "here protect yourself," but you can't really have one without the other. The piece does what it does. It's my job to tell you what it does and how you can use it.