Voodoo Pin of All, Skull of Saint Germain
Voodoo Pin of All, Skull of Saint Germain

Voodoo Pin of All, Skull of Saint Germain

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This piece comes from an underground place in Mississippi. It isn't an underground auction like we tell you about frequently. It's an underground club. It's called Club Noire. It is a place where people of a certain status can go to throw back a few pints-- even if those pints are blood. Vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, even those who have been brought back from the dead and have no idea why frequent Club Noire. Hey, the ghastly need love, too, you know.


This is where we met Malachi. Malachi is an immortal Voodoo priest. He is a black man with a thick Haitian accent. He's kind of neat looking, too. His skin is so black that it looks purple when the skin shines off of it and one of his eyes is completely white. He calls it his Voodoo Eye and claims that when he's good is close he can peer into the realm of the soul.  


A couple of hundred years ago, Malachi was sent to work with Jacques Saint Germain. If you have been with us for a while, you will know that Jacque Saint Germain was really an immortal manifestation of the famous alchemist Le Comte de Saint Germain. He had achieved immortality while in Europe and has since traveled the world over.  


When I say that Malachi was sent, what I mean to say is that he had a deal with Papa Legba, the keeper of the crossroads. He's a sneaky creature, but after Malachi stole and delivered the Skull of Saint Germain the scoundrel kept good to his word. He provided Malachi with an artifact called the Voodoo Pin of All.  


However, let's back up a second. Let's talk about the SKull of Saint Germain. This skull is not a crystal skull, but it's a real skull. It's is inlaid with real gold and silver. It contains powerful Voodoo magic and when the right practitioner uses the skull it speaks to them. SUch is the case with Jacque Saint Germain.  


He's have massive parties, mostly because he needed to search for new victims to keep up with his blood intak. Not only did he fancy vampiric magic, but he was also a bit of a sucker for Voodoo. His skull was made with Voodoo magic and when he spoke to the skull it would speak back to him. The skull spoke all sorts of things into existence-- different types of magic, it would reveal Voodoo secrets, it would cast spells, it would speak knowledge, it would tell history, and sometimes, it just spoke for the sake of conversation.    


This is why Legba wanted it so bad. If it could reveal wisdom and magic to a mortal on Earth, imagine what it could reveal to him about his own existence and other things from the spiritual realm. I'm not sure why Malachi just didn't keep the skull for himself. He must have had some sort of deal with Legba. Could have been one in exchange for his soul back or something like that. I didn't pry. All I know is that he snatch the skull from Jacques Saint Germain and gave it back to Legba. In my opinion that was mild, given the fact that Legba usually asks for a child or something else living. Then again the SKull of Saint Germain was living.  


Either way, the pin that was given to Malachi is called the Voodoo Pin of All. It was hand-crafted by Legba to host the presence of the ethereal voodoo realms, including access to each of the immortal Loa who control the magic of the Voodoo world. The pins is very powerful and will grant whatever you desire. Hence, it is called the Voodoo Pin of All.  


When using this piece you can stab a doll with it, if you are into making Voodoo dolls. This can be a doll made for yourself or others. You will simply light a candle and by the light of the flame you will meditate and call out to the Loa that has the ability to grant what you want. You will then pierce your doll with the pin and the power, ability, or spell will be sent.


Alternatively, if you don't want to make a doll or you don't know how to, you can stick this through the bottom of a candle, light the candle and then make your requests. The pin will open up a portal through which the Loa will directly hear, and grant, what you've asked for.  


You might be wondering why Malachi was so eager to trade this piece to us. After all, it's super powerful. He had had enough of being on this Earth, so he wanted a very coveted piece-- one that can reverse immortality. In exchange, he gave us this piece, as he won't be needing it in the next life.