Voodoo Power Classics
Voodoo Power Classics

Voodoo Power Classics

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This is a more contemporary piece that was created by a group of Voodoo magicians that calls themselves the Voodoo Crew.  When I say they are young, I'm talking like in their 20s young, but they are interested in the magic and they are all surprisingly powerful.  They have worked very hard to get where they are.  Part od this hard work was creating Voodoo magical pieces such as this one. 

This piece was created using ancient Yoruba summoning spells that summoned the power of the Earth to create this piece.  It holds 5 common, yet very powerful abilities that Voodoo has to offer. 

1.) Voodoo Wealth

2.) Voodoo Love

3.) Voodoo Spirit Communication

4.) Voodoo Summoning Spell-- to conure the loas and other gods and goddesses

5.) Voodoo protection magic to keep you safw in your travels.